Stalking and Fishing

Stalking and fishing at Glencanisp - an unrivalled sporting experience.
Glencanisp and Drumrunie offer the most spectacular and challenging red stag and hind stalking in the country. We currently shoot around 65-70 stags each season on our 44,000 acre estate in this breathtaking mountain region in the far north west of Scotland.

spying along the glen

Accompanied by our expert stalkers, guests enjoy an unrivalled world class hunting experience.

Although all stalking excursions vary they follow a basic pattern.
On day one there will be a meet and greet. Next we talk through the safety practices that must be followed. These include where ammunition is in relation to the chamber at various points of the day, animal welfare etc. We will ask you about your general fitness. This allows us to form a plan as to where to take you on the estate. Any relevant health conditions must be disclosed for the guest's own sake. We will do our best to tailor the day to your requirements.
After the talk in the morning we will move to the range. This is when we will start talking you through the specifics of the rife you are using. If you are using one of our rifles we will talk you through the caliber and location of the controls such as the safety. The estate rifle is a 270 winchester Tikka T3. All shooters will undergo an informal marksmanship test. This is a three shot group at a one hundred yard target. This also checks that the rifle has retained "zero" in storage or in transit. The level of accuracy which the individual displays gives the stalker an idea of capabilities in order to judge the maximim range the individual is capable of shooting. Rule of thumb is group size increases every 100 yards. so a 1" group at one hundred becomes a 2" group at 200 and 3 at 300 and so on. The normal range to be expected on this estate is from 80 to 250 yards with the upper limit being rare and highly dependent on ability.
After the range we will then take to the vehicles and will give a quick introduction on the safety of these, mostly comprising of keeping limbs within the vehicle and use of seatbelts.
Once we get to the hunting area we will spend some time looking for deer with the binos and plan our approach to any that are spotted.
We will move slowly and deliberately through the hills keeping below ridgelines and using our binoculars regularly.
When we are moving in to final position instructions from the stalker must be listened to and followed. Once a suitable animal has been selected by the stalker, the client must then do their part safely and humanely. A wounded animal is unacceptable and must be dealt with quickly. After the animal has been taken the group will make their way back to base whare the deer will then be lardered and processed ready to be put into the food chain.
At this point plans for the following day will be made.

The stag stalking season runs from 1 July to 20 October; the hind season is from 21 October to 15 February.

Use of estate rifles and ammunition is possible.

Fishing is aso available on dozens of lochs. Please see the new Glencanisp Lodge website for full details of all stalking and fishing or email: here