Board Meetings

Board Meeting June 2009

Minute of meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the office at Glencanisp on Thursday 11th June 2009

Present Don Campbell (Chair), Patricia Robertson, Alastair Macaskill, Davy Robb, Stephen Smith

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO) (from item 3 onwards)

1. Apologies Fergus Stewart, Tony Usher

2. Minute of 14th May 09 Proposed Patricia, seconded Alastair

3. Matters arising
Glencanisp Road: (Glebe section) Letter has been sent to the Church of Scotland with our concerns and photos of damage. Emails also sent to councillors asking for support on this matter and pressure on Scottish Water. Mark has contacted specialist road surface material company regarding a possible trial of materials on the road.
Walled Garden: Mark Campbell unable to start as yet. Agreed to ask Colin Dickson.

4. Redevelopment Project
Mark has met with some potential lead contractors. Externals may be more costly than had been hoped.
Highland Council: HC are very keen to have a meeting soon to discuss their possible help with project cash flow.
Social Investment Scotland: SIS have requested some more information.
Clerk of Works: Tony to send draft job application form for Clerk of Works position.
Grants: Second instalments of BLF and HIE grants, and first instalment of ERDF grant now all received.

5. Stalking
Agreed to repair stalker’s bothy, with a spending limit of £1,250. To contact our insurers regarding claiming for this.
Vehicles: Polaris is in bad state of repair. It may be cheaper to replace rather than repair. Quad is to be looked over soon. Trailerboards have been purchased.
Drumrunie: SNH will reduce land management grant if we lease out the stalking on Drumrunie. They would be unhappy about us leasing the hind stalking. An alternative would be a contract stalker being placed in charge of Drumrunie hind cull.
Deer Management Agreement: Rory Putnam is to write up draft new deer management agreement to cover a wider area including some neighbouring estates. It is hoped that this new agreement will be beneficial to us.
JMT: We may be able to seek a grant from JMT for a specific land management activity such as managing deer densities on Drumrunie.

6. Ledmore Forest
Interest in purchase was registered on 1st June. We need to pay half of the costs of the valuation. (Forestry Commission pay the other half.) Agreed to proceed towards the valuation.

7. Development manager’s report
Mark is to visit insurers to discuss the possibility of an improved insurance package.
Mark is to attend a meeting about Community Right to Buy, to be attended by Richard Lochhead, on 16th June.

8. Project Officer’s report
Housing: Meeting to assess and score tenders for feasibility study production is to take place on 17th June. Patricia to attend as AF representative.
HIE Growth Plan: We met with Anne Sutherland on 1st June.
If we put together a costed proposal for the project to employ admin assistant to free up other staff time, HIE will consider part-funding the post.
Anne is to liaise with Neil Gerrard about progress on commissioning a report to look at value-added processing and marketing of venison.

9. New Directors
Agreed to write to Assynt Community Council formally inviting them to nominate one of their members to be an appointed director of AF.
Directors are keen to target unrepresented areas of Assynt and unrepresented age groups.

10. Finance
Treasurer not present.

11. Newsletter
Agreed to wait until after housing tender process and stalker appointment, so more up-to-date news can be included.

12. AOCB
The matter was raised of the Ledmore DVD mailout to Assynt households. A synopsis could have been sent out, but would have required a large degree of selectivity. As such it was felt that all the information should be sent out to local people, to form their own judgements from it. The DVD was the cheapest way to do this. It was paid for through the SCARF grant. Paper copies of the report are also available on request.

Meeting closed 9.30pm.

Next meeting Thursday 9th July.