Board Meetings

Directors' Meeting 19 April 2010

Minutes of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the Glencanisp office
on Monday 19th April 2010

Meeting began 1.30pm.
Present: Don Campbell, Patricia Robertson, Stephen Smith, Agnes Dickson, Alastair MacAskill, Davy Robb, Tony Usher.
In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant, Russell Robertson.
Apologies: Mandy Haggith, Helen Steven, Jackie Yates, Fergus Stewart
1. Chairman's remarks:
Don explained that, as this meeting was arranged at short notice following the scheduled April board meeting not being quorate, it was not a standard board meeting but was a quorate meeting of directors at which decisions could be made.
Agnes volunteered to be designated director to organise attendance of directors in advance of meetings. Thanks noted to Agnes.
2. Declarations of Interests:
3. Timber Clearance:
A local individual was given permission to clear windblown timber on the hill behind the lodge, in January 2008. The original letter of agreement can't be accessed at present, but without it, the minuted agreement is thought to constitute a contract, with the original Assynt News advert, asking for interest in timber clearance, setting out some requirements.
The original intention was that the local individual would chip the timber at Glencanisp, with AF then hoping to purchase the chip as fuel for the woodfuel boiler. Since AF reduced the scope for processing space at Glencanisp, as part of the redevelopment project, the individual is now likely to want to transport the timber from Glencanisp, in order to process it. A weight and size limit may be put on the road by AF to reduce risk of damage.
Agreed to arrange a meeting with the local individual to discuss.
4. Development Manager funding and contract:
A grant application has been made to HIE. Action: Adam to check when we may find out if this has been approved.
Agreed that a contract will be written for Mark. This may be relatively short term until more is known about funding applications. Contract will specify that it may be extended. Tony stated that a contract would continue unless written notice were given to the contrary. Action: Tony and Don to meet with Mark and contract be written up this week.
5. Lodge Pricing Policy:
Agreed that current policy of offering a community discount is to be stopped, due to the need to maximise income. From now on, any specific request for any discount (other than standard early booking discount or similar) will be put to the board for discussion on a case by case basis.
6. Adverts/links on AF Website:
To avoid any possible accusations of preferential treatment, since Mandy is now a director, it was agreed to remove full page on writing retreats from AF website, and instead offer a link to TLC's new website on the links page along with other local businesses.
7. Assynt.Biz Directors:
It was clarified that AF board appoint and can dismiss Assynt.Biz directors.
8. Renewables:
AF agreed to commission a feasibility study to explore options for micro-hydro-energy schemes on the estates. Assynt.Biz may also commission a second study, funded by a separate grant stream, as it was felt it may be beneficial to split feasibility work into two studies looking at different parts of the estate and/or different kinds of scheme.
9. Community Care Assynt:
It was noted that Community Care Assynt has now been formed. It will be affiliated to the Assynt Community Association and is likely to be constituted as a Community Interest Company.
Meeting finished 3.00pm.
Next board meeting 13th May.