Board Meetings

Board Meeting 13 May 2010

Minutes of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the Glencanisp office
on Thursday 13th May 2010

Meeting began 7.00pm.
Present: Don Campbell, Patricia Robertson, Fergus Stewart, Stephen Smith, Jackie Yates, Agnes Dickson, Mandy Haggith, Helen Steven, Davy Robb.
In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant.
Apologies: Tony Usher, Alastair MacAskill.
1. Declaration of Interests: Mandy Haggith, regarding advertising on AF website.
2. Minutes of 11th March: Proposed Patricia, seconded Davy.
3. Matters arising:
3.1 Ledmore Forest: No further news.
3. 2 Living Landscapes: No further news.
3.3 Subgroups: List of lead directors still to be finalised.
3.4 Director training: Still to be arranged.
3.5 South Side of Loch Assynt Regeneration / Pigs: Expressions of interest in stock club have been noted.
3.6 Stalker's Bothy: Some old fittings and furnishings can be used, and John-Alex can do some work, but some money will need spending, including on labour. Agreed to go ahead with making the Bothy habitable as a priority.
3.7 Forest Plan: SRDP application for the maximum of £15,000 is nearly ready. Two forestry students visited and provided research assistance, thanks to the Community Woodlands Association. They have produced a report which will be useful towards the forest plan.
3.8 Walled Garden: The garden is looking good, with much work being done in the leased section, and by David and Dorothy in the other section.
4. Minutes of 19th April: Proposed Stephen, seconded Agnes.
5. Matters arising:
5.1 Timber Clearance: A meeting is to be arranged with the local individual who was given permission to clear windblown timber on the hill at Glencanisp.
Replanting and access considerations will be explored as part of the Forest Plan.
5.2 Development Manager Contract / staffing: The basics of a contract were agreed in a meeting between Mark, Tony and Don. A draft contract is to be circulated. Action: Tony.
It was agreed in future to have a wider discussion of AF's staffing needs, and to ensure secure employment for other staff including lodge manager. Action: Helen to liaise with Sharon re obtaining advice.
Mandy left the meeting.
5.3 Adverts/links on AF website: Agreed that whole page on AF website about writing retreats be removed, and information on writing retreats and link to TLC website be put on 'Assynt.Biz and other Businesses' page of AF website.
Mandy returned to the meeting.
5.4 Assynt.Biz directors: It was noted that new directors are sought for Assynt.Biz. The board asked that a report be submitted from Assynt.Biz regarding current A.Biz directors.
6. Lodge Redevelopment Project:
6.1 A delivery of furniture is to arrive on Saturday. Solar panels are fitted and operating.
6.2 The possibility was discussed of purchasing a mini-digger, possibly shared with others if feasible.
6.3 Parking and Vehicles:
Agreed that some signage regarding parking and access will be put up, along with information board/s and donation box/es. Pat offered to look into the possibility of alternative parking sites and to liase with other Directors and Mark about signs and leaflets to educate. A piece can go into Assynt News, visitors centre and elsewhere, to explain the situation.
Suggested we try to get hold of old passing place signs for the passing places.
6.4 Opening Event: Early October is suggested for an open day. Stephen offered to talk to the gun club regarding clay pigeon shooting and target shooting.
Estate Plan: A separate directors' meeting to finalise the draft actions list is arranged for 4pm Wednesday 26th May.
7. Matters arising from Staff Report:
7.1 Single night lodge request: Agreed not to offer single nights. Overnight bookings will be two nights minimum.
7.2 Accountants: We will need to appoint accountant to prepare accounts very soon.
8. Communications:
Agnes and Helen offered to organise an open day in Lochinver.
Helen offered to write regular pieces in the Assynt News.
9. AOCB:
9.1 Water Treatment: Figures to be sent round by email, in advance on a decision between options for water treatment at Glencanisp.
9.2 Sola of Loch an Doire Dhubh and Lochan Fhionnlaidh: Transfer of these to AF has been offered by the Vesteys. Legal fees have been estimated. Agreed that it is worth discussing with the owners.
9.3 Book collection: A book collection may be offered to AF as a legacy.
9.4 Log Building: Agreed to raise this at next board meeting.
It was suggested that board meetings be held earlier in the day.
Meeting finished 9.45pm
Next meeting: 4.00pm, Thursday 10th June