Board Meetings

Board Meeting 10th June 2010

Minutes of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in Glencanisp Lodge
on Thursday 10th June 2010

Meeting began 4.00pm.
Present: Patricia Robertson (acting chair), Agnes Dickson, Stephen Smith, Jackie Yates, Mandy Haggith, Alastair MacAskill, Davy Robb (from item 4.4).
In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant.
1. Apologies: Don Campbell, Tony Usher, Helen Steven, Fergus Stewart.
2. Declaration of Interests: None relating to agenda items.
3. Minutes of 13th May: Proposed Agnes, seconded Stephen.
4. Matters arising:
4.1 Living Landscapes: It has been suggested that all partners in this contribute around £200 with the aim that this will increase likelihood of securing other grant funding. Agreed.
4.2 Subgroups: List of lead directors still to be finalised.
4.3 Director training: Possible training through the Social Enterprise Academy. Aim to cover training in legal requirements of directors. Could also cover good practise in human resources policy. Action: Mandy to follow up. Mark to send round weblink.
4.4 South Side of Loch Assynt Regeneration / Pigs: No progress.
4.5 Stalker's Bothy: Mark to contact local builders for quotes for works. Action: Pat to arrange site visit.
4.6 Timber Clearance: Ongoing. No meeting yet. Action: Mark to investigate further.
4.7 Development Manager Contract / staffing: A few non-major items still to be finalised on draft contract. Action: Tony & Mark.
A grant has been approved from HIE of 50% of development manager costs up to a total grant of £60,000 over 3 years).
The Robertson Trust has approved a grant of £7,500 towards development manager costs for the coming year.
Wider staffing discussion meeting still to be arranged.
4.8 Assynt.Biz directors: Awaiting report from Assynt.Biz regarding current A.Biz directors.
4.10 Parking and Vehicles: Don to follow up on signage. Mandy has ideas and will liaise with Don.
4.11 Opening Event: Gun club have agreed to help with clay pigeon shooting and target shooting on the opening event planned in early October.
4.12 Water supply/treatment: Borehole pump control box was fixed by a company who will also be able to quote for treatment works required. This will give us two competitive quotes.
4.13 Sola of Lochs: Ongoing.
5. Lodge Redevelopment: See staff report. Some snagging still ongoing.
6. Log Building: Agreed a meeting to be held next Wednesday to firm up design and specification plans for the log building. Once firmed up, additional funding will be sought to avoid any additional loan being required towards this.
7. Estate Plan: Following recent meeting, the list of postponed or deleted actions was gone over. List is to be emailed round board then a meeting with agencies arranged.
8. Staff Report: See report.
8.1 New trainee stalker Stuart Morrison has arrived and started work. A warm welcome to Stuart.
8.2 New Inverpolly Section 7 Deer Management Agreement, covering Drumrunie, Polly and Eisg Brachaidh, has now been signed.
8.3 Hydro-energy: Feasibility Study tender briefs have been prepared and sent round the Assynt.Biz board for comment.
8.4 MacLeod Volunteers: A worldwide MacLeod clan work-group is in Assynt in July. We hope they can help dismantle polytunnel at Raffin which has been kindly donated to the Assynt Foundation. Once dismantled it can be moved to Glencanisp and erected close to the walled garden for community use.
9. Finance: A simplified version of the budget spreadsheet is to be sent round the board to give a clearer picture of the annual budget situation. Action: Adam.
Communications: Mandy will write article for next Assynt News.
10. AOCB:
10.1 (Agnes declared a potential conflict of interest for this item.) Andy Gray Digital has generously donated 2 framed photographs for the lodge. Information could be left in lodge as to local supplier of his work.

Meeting finished 6.30pm
Next meeting: 4.00pm, Thursday 8th July