Board Meetings

Board Meeting 8 July 2010

Minutes of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in Glencanisp Lodge
on Thursday 8th July 2010

Meeting began 4.00pm.
Present: Don Campbell, Agnes Dickson, Stephen Smith, Fergus Stewart, Mandy Haggith, Alastair MacAskill, Helen Steven (from item 4.2), Patricia Robertson (from item 10).
In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant.
1. Apologies: Tony Usher, Davy Robb, Jackie Yates.
2. Declaration of Interests: None.
3. Minutes of 10th June: Proposed Alastair, seconded Agnes.
4. Matters arising:
4.1 Living Landscapes: Meeting planned for 10am, 15th July, in CCWT office.
4.2 Ledmore Forest: Is now on the market with a guide price of 950k, split into 3 blocks.
4.3 Subgroups: Directors present drafted a list of directors to lead each subgroup:
Lodge – Patricia & Jackie, Stalking and Shooting – Stephen, Arts – Fergus & Mandy, Renewables – Alastair & Davy, Communications, including access – Don & Helen, Housing – Patricia & Don, Angling – Davy & Stephen, Walled Garden – Fergus, Youth – Don, Business development – Don & Tony, Woods – Mandy, Crofting – Mandy & Alastair, Ministry of fun – Agnes & Helen.
4.4 Director training: Social Enterprise Academy is willing to put on a training course. CVS could probably also do so. Action: Follow up both possibilities aiming for director training this autumn. Mandy to pass on details.
4.5 Stalker's Bothy: Mark has contacted local builders for quotes for works. One still to contact.
4.6 Timber Clearance: Tony has had an informal meeting but no formal discussion on the matter yet with the local individual previously given permission to take windblown timber off the hill.
4.7 Contracts and staffing: DM contract still to be finalised. Action: Tony & Mark.
Wider staffing discussion meeting to be arranged in the next few weeks.
4.8 Assynt.Biz directors: A local person has been approached and is interested in becoming a new director of Assynt.Biz.
4.9 Parking and Vehicles: Ongoing. Action: Mark to pass details of sign companies to Don.
4.10 Opening Event: Agnes and Helen met to discuss ideas.
4.11 Water supply/treatment: Need to make quotes like for like, then can decide who to carry out works.
4.12 Sola of Lochs: Mark is to put wider requests in writing to owner's agent and arrange a meeting.
4.13 Hydro-energy: 20 or more enquiries regarding tender briefs. Deadline of Friday 16th for tender returns.
4.14 MacLeod Volunteers: The work-group will be with us for two mornings, helping with dismantling donated polytunnel frame. Action: Adam to check if the group are responsible for their own H&S risk.
4.15 Communications: Helen to write article for next Assynt News.
5. Lodge Redevelopment: See staff report. Mark is in touch with lead contractor to try to ensure snagging is completed in the unoccupied period in July. The board agreed to purchase the kerosene burner recommended by the boiler supplier, so the supplier will cover responsibility for it after fitting.
6. Log Building: Meeting has been held at which the location beyond the Inver Link path to the east of the walled garden was agreed. Fergus is to write something on the likely financial benefits of the log building through hire for courses etc.
7. Ledbeg: A suggestion has been made of putting waymarks to show a route over to Ledbeg from the Elphin-Lochinver path.
8. Staff Report: See report.
8.1 Accountant: Agreed to appoint Tim Wright to prepare AF and A.Biz accounts and to carry out group VAT registration and annual VAT returns.
9. Finance: Expected VAT payment and reclaim have been added to annual budget, in advance of forthcoming VAT registration.

Meeting finished 6.30pm
Next meeting: 10.00am, Thursday 19th August