Board Meetings

Board Meeting October 2010

Minutes of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the Glencanisp office
on Thursday 14th October 2010

Meeting began 3.00pm.
Present: Don Campbell, Patricia Robertson, Stephen Smith, Agnes Dickson, Alastair MacAskill.
In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant, Russell Robertson, Clive Ward (for item 5).
Apologies: Tony Usher, Helen Steven, Davy Robb, Jacqueline Yates, George Farlow, Clive Sheppard.
1. Declaration of Interests: None.
2. Chair’s remarks: Don expressed the board’s thanks to all those involved in making the opening event and fun day such a success, giving a special mention to Agnes and Jacqui.
Mandy Haggith’s recent resignation from the board was noted, and thanks were recorded for the work she has done, and the hope was expressed of making use of her skills in future.
3. Minutes of 11th March: Proposed Stephen, seconded Patricia.
4. Matters arising:
4.1 Coigach-Assynt Living Landscapes Project: Progress on AF’s Forest Plan proposal will aid progress of this project. The board agreed that if SRDP funding application for the AF Strategic Forest Plan is approved, consultant/s will be sought to produce the Strategic Forest Plan and carry out work towards this.
4.2 Communication: Surgery was advertised and held. Very low turnout but will repeat. Next one planned for Wednesday 3rd November at 7pm at the Assynt Centre.
5.1 Harvesting Proposal: A proposal has been put to the board to extract windblown timber at Glencanisp using a skyline, AF paying the individual to harvest the wood which AF or the contractor could then split for use as firewood. An estimated cost per tonne for harvesting has been given, which would be dependent upon the area to be covered by the agreement. A storage area has been identified. All agreed to the proposal relating to any areas where ownership of the timber is not in dispute.
5.2 Lease Proposal: A request has been put to the board for a local individual to lease a yet to be identified area on the estate for commercial use in establishing a woodchip supply business, on terms to be agreed. All agreed in principle to support the progress of this venture. The individual involved will progress investigation of potential sites.
4. (continued)
4.3 Beekeeping: The board expressed their encouragement for any local people interested in keeping bees at Glencanisp, and expressed support for Paul Adrian’s request to do this.
4.4 Hydro-energy Feasibility Study:
A meeting was held recently with Mott MacDonald, the company carrying out the feasibility study. Of the 18 sites that have been identified and initially investigated they have identified three key sites, one to the north of the Glencanisp Estate, one in the middle of the Glencanisp Estate, and one on Drumrunie Estate. The Drumrunie site in particular, if successfully progressed, could be a model of good practice in fitting a small hydro-energy scheme into an area of designated natural importance.
4.5 Lodge Maintenance: A local person has been helping with doing work in the lodge.
4.6 Boathouse Electricity: Meter is to be installed.
4.7 Golden Eagle Project: Application has been sent. Thanks to Andy Summers for progressing this.
4.8 Lodge Opening Event & Fun Day: A lot of positive feedback and new members joining AF. Proposal agreed that profits from the raffle can be spent on lodge equipment.
4.9 Deer Larder: Deer larder cannot be used without specific permission being sought and agreed by the board, due to health and safety issues, qualification requirements etc. For use for wild deer a minimum qualification of DSC level 1 certificate is required.
6. Log Building: Await word from BLF re variation request to extend project with inclusion of log building and training project. The board await a business plan in advance of any decision to put any non-grant funds towards the log building.
7. Matters arising from Staff Report:
7.1 BLF Grant: Figures, details and timescales have been sent to BLF as part of redevelopment project variation request.
7.2 Staffing: Discussion of wider staffing situation.
Agreed to advertise for a temporary admin post in light of Adam going part-time from w/c 25th October. Action: Pat to advertise.
8. Finance: (as per staff report)
9. Communications: Article went to Assynt News, Northern Times and Press & Journal. Agnes to contact Am Bratach. Suggested that press release be sent to funders with pictures.
10. AGM: We intend to hold the AGM on 9th December at Lochinver Village Hall. Action: Agnes to book the hall.
11. AOCB:
11.1 Subgroups: Agreed that Subgroups be a standing item on future agendas, for any reports from subgroups to be discussed.
11.2 Shooting & Stalking Subgroup: Stephen spoke to the board following recent subgroup meeting, and passed on recommendations of the subgroup to the board.
11.3 Geopark Request: The board approved in principle a request by the Geopark committee to use the lodge for a day meeting in November.
11.4 Works at Glencanisp: Agreed to go ahead with fitting water treatment infrastructure (filtration and UV sterilisation) for the private water supply at Glencanisp, as per best value quotation received.
Agreed to go ahead with works to Stalker’s Bothy as per best value quote received.

Meeting finished 6.30pm
Next meeting: 3.00pm, Thursday 11th November