Board Meetings

Board Meeting March 2011

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
7pm 10 March 2011
Glencanisp Office, Lochinver

Pat Robertson (Acting Chair), Jacqui Yates, Andy Summers, Agnes Dickson, Stephen Smith,

Mark Lazzeri (Development Manager), Jane Tulloch (Administrator), Russell Robertson (Chairman Assynt.Biz)

1. Apologies: Helen Steven

Meeting Began 7.10pm.

2. Declaration of Interests: None
3. Appointment of Office Bearers:
Patricia Robertson proposed as Chair.
Proposed: Stephen Smith
Seconded: Agnes Dickson
Pat Robertson accepted position of Chair of Assynt Foundation. It was suggested that two vice chairpersons be appointed, or one vice chair and one treasurer.
Nominated Vice Chair: Agnes Dickson
Proposed: Jacqui Yates
Seconded: Stephen Smith
Agnes Dickson accepted Vice Chair position.
Stephen Smith agreed to liaise with Tim Wright in respect of monthly summaries/synopses, and to make financial recommendations as a director.

4. Minutes of 11 November 2010
Amendment 4.1: For the scheduled children’s Christmas party the venue was changed by the Lochinver teachers.
4.2: AF staff and directors Christmas dinner was also cancelled – to be rescheduled by the entertainments committee.

5. Matters Arising
(Confidential item in regard to staff contracts.)

6. Walled Garden. Fergus, Jane, Dorothea and Stuart met to discuss going forward with plans for an all-abilities space for the community to use. A meeting has been advertised in the Assynt News to invite volunteers to the garden on Sunday 27th March for discussions and idea exchanges.

Action: Fergus to procure a larch shed and tools as a first priority. All those available and/or interested to attend meeting on 27th March.

7. Log Building and Training Project: Tender invitations, for construction of the studio building, woodchip store and training course, were sent out to 6 potential contractors. A tender review meeting was held on 4th March.

Fergus Stewart left the meeting at 7.50pm.

8. SIS Loan: SIS have decided to allow us to draw down the remaining loan as originally offered, to carry out other income generating projects.
Action: Tim to talk to the board for clarification of financial matters.

9-11 Estate Paths and Machinery: Some work is required on paths, but due to hydro plans, there is no point in doing much at this time. Local contractor will be able to blast rock to improve matters in the meantime.

12. Strategic Forest Plan: We have been advised regarding the content of the tender brief for tendering for the Strategic Forest Plan creation, and will be able to tender for this soon.
Action: Mark to follow up.

Stephen Smith left at 9pm.

13. Staff Report

1. The Hydro scheme is currently on schedule with no foreseeable problems. It is planned to take it to the community at a later date.

2. Woodchip Boiler: New woodchip boiler shunt pump fitted to replace broken one.

3. Water Treatment Works: Environmental health officer visited and expressed his satisfaction with the deer larder. Water samples were taken and it is advised that we can claim up to £4,800 from Highland Council in grants for the upgrading of the water systems in several properties.
4. Venison Processing: Much of the work and site visits have been carried out by contractor towards production of report on this. The final report from Nicola and John Fletcher is expected on 31 March 2011 or the week after. They will present to the board on 6 April.

14. Finance

Staff posts, wages and salary grants: Yet to hear back regarding LEADER initial enquiry form submission for an application for part funding of a salary post.

Discussion of wider staffing situation took place.

15. Communications: It is noted that Helen has offered to submit regular short articles to the Assynt News regarding AF activities. It is agreed that such articles should be submitted to the Board for review before insertion in Assynt News.

16. AOCB:

• Russell and Mark attended a community law seminar on the East Coast last month.

• It is requested that those attending seminars, workshops or the like should submit a short report to the Board on the outcomes of these events.

• The need for a further Assynt Foundation representative on Assynt.Biz was discussed.

Action: further thought required.

• It is reported that fortunately the Eagle Project is back up and running, and thanks were given to Andy Summers for his influence in this. Andy was formally welcomed as a new Director.

Next meeting to be confirmed via Survey Monkey poll.

Meeting closed 10.10pm.