Board Meetings

Board Meeting 27th June 2006

Present Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Robbie Mackenzie, Don Campbell, Ted Matheson (arrived after 4.2)

In Attendance Derek Louden (Development Manager), Claire Belshaw (minute Sec.)

Bill Ritchie took the chair. He explained that Claire will now attend each meeting to take the minute. All papers for meetings should be cc’d to Claire before meetings. Claire will be helping with communication with the public and so all general emails should be cc’d to her also. Alastair and Derek will draw up the agendas.

1. Apologies

2. Minute of 16 & 30 May 2006 not available. Agnes pointed out that in a previous minute it should have stated that there could be a feis and ceilidh

3 Matters arising none

4 Development manager’s report (to be out well before the meetings.)

Report taken as read

SNH shortened agreement for AF should be out this week and funds shortly after.

Decisions required by the board
i. Grasscutting contract – after careful consideration the contract was awarded to Ted Matheson. There was nothing to choose between the applicants and it was awarded to Ted on the grounds that he used to do the grass at Glencanisp and lost his job (and other estate contracts) when the estate was sold. The second applicant would be remembered when there were funds available to develop the shrubbery surrounding the lodge and any other gardening work.

Action – Derek to write to applicants

ii. Housekeeping – awarded to Dorothea

Action – Derek to write to applicants

iii. Tender brief for wind project (spec to a quote) – agreed to go ahead and seek tenders.
Action – Derek

iv. Biomass boiler – deferred
v. Issie Macleod’s garden proposal – Don declared an interest as he is legally responsible for the project in his day job. A corner of the walled garden is to be identified and is subject to Health & Safety assessment and appropriate supervision.
Action – Derek to write to Issie

vi. Mandy’s garden proposal – Agnes took the chair for this item. Agreed Mandy could write the article but the bit about accommodation should be removed and to be asked to do a similar article in the Assynt News so everyone had a fair chance.
Action Derek

vii. Suileag Bothy doorplate – front door plate to say Suileag Bothy, welcome. A second notice inside to say it is a MBA bothy owned by AF .
Action – Derek

viii. Deer Larder – still waiting for one quote. Still need info on running costs and building spec from the suppliers.
Action – Robbie and Derek. Budget proposal Action Derek and Neil G.
Decision delegated to Bill, Robbie and Alastair.

ix. Graduate post – agreed to persue funding from Leader +. Post grad should not be expected to take forward renovation. CASE will be advertising the post based on job description supplied by Derek.
Action Derek

x. Housing engineering Feasibility study or full Feasibility Study – funded by HC. The directors would prefer to see a full feasibility study but agreed to go with whatever was suggested by HC.
Action Derek

xi. Woodschool to assist clearing windblow – Agreed they should visit and assess the work, demonstrated how it would be extracted and make a plan. AF would provide accommodation.
Action Derek

xii. Stables – to be let out to a local person for £60 per month. He would maintain the character of the stables while making them wind and water tight. A letter of agreement and a description of proposed work is required. Insurance to be checked. This would be a short term agreement for a maximum of one year.
Action Bill and Derek

Lothian Conservation Volunteers – letter of thanks going out.

5 Accounts Bill explained the new format.
Equipment grant to be spent by end of this calendar year

6. Land matters
Advert for stalkers had produced no response. One local person could give a week or two. Other informal offers to be followed up.
Action Bill and Robbie

WSDMG has recommended that all estates reduce their hind numbers by 10%. We will be doing this anyway.

Mick has been asked to progress an application for funds for a one year pilot Land Manager post. Bill, Claire and Derek will be involved with this. Mick is also progressing baseline survey work for this year ie before deer management changes this coming season. This is in order to monitor vegetation change as a result of changed deer management.
Action Mick

7. Lodge matters
Professor Lennon, Tony Harrison and an architect had been to the lodge and will produce a report on what AF can do with the lodge. They also looked at the other surrounding buildings and some of the other businesses in the area. Agreed to talk to Chris Rix about overflow.
Action Bill

8. Legal matters – directors
Irene and Roz resigned on the 30th May and their resignations have been accepted. Don Campbell was co-opted on 30th May. Nobody was sure if Clive had resigned. Forms to be completed.
Action Derek.
Bill outlined his proposal to find more directors for . Bill is preparing a paper for circulation to all directors.
Action Bill

9. Website – Training

3 people had been trained in updating our website. However it appeared to be impossible to put normal sized photos on the site which is not satisfactory. The contractor is to be asked to make this possible. He has so far received half of his fee.
Action Bill

Newsletter- Agnes has quotations for a printer that will do double sided colour A3. There is 100% funding available for the purchase of the printer. More info required on running cost.
Action Agnes to liase with Lesley over funding and circulate info before next meeting.

Stables – Agnes outlined her idea to convert the stables into an Art Studio to highlight Highland Crafts. This could be tied in with the suggested week long feis and could involve other groups in the community. Agnes agreed to feed this into the vision for the lodge and estate plan.

Canoes – Don explained the present discussion with himself and the Leisure Centre re outdoor activities at Glencanisp. He will keep the board informed re progress.

Boat on Glencanisp – a local person had been given permission to put a boat on Glencanisp Loch without board approval. He is to be asked for a formal letter of application for permission. The board will discuss a policy for such requests.