Board Meetings

Board Meeting 25th July 2006

Present Alastair Macaskill (Chair), Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Robbie Mackenzie, Ted Matheson, Don Campbell

In Attendance Derek Louden (DM) Claire Belshaw (Min Sec)

1. Apologies Patricia Filmer-Sankey
2. Minute of 27th June Proposed by Agnes seconded by Robbie.
3. Matters arising
Deer Larder – approx £20,000+ VAT, still waiting on final quote before funding applications can be submitted. Discussion on registering for VAT Action Derek to discuss with accountants
Graduate Post – Leader+ funding application about to be approved
Stables – minor structural alterations have been carried out with delegated directors’ permission
Canoes – AF could apply for funding for assests ie 12 kayaks and RIB safety boat. AL would apply for services ie training 4 people to Stage 1 BCU instructing for basic training. Don has drafted an application for project to start on 1 January 2007 Action Don and Derek.

4. Development Manager’s report circulated week before meeting
HGA approved to do the Engineering Study for Housing
Housing decision deferred to next meeting

5. Decisions
Boat on Glencanisp – Yes, permission given with letter to say no legal rights given and permission can be withdrawn at anytime. Action Derek
Wind Feasibility Study – West Coast Energy chosen. Need to clarify that it will be taken to Scoping Meeting with planners Action Derek
Donna CASE – see below

6. Accounts
Were presented. All lodge income and expenditure will in future be in Discussion on available funds led to lodge refurbishment funding application. The architect is to meet with the lodge sub-group Action Agnes. The architect will then prepare a brief for the developments which will then go to the board for approval. Meeting needed with Neil Gerrard Action Derek

7. Lodge matters (this item brought forward as the discussion was with the lodge).
New fire regulations are coming in in October this year. AF should seek advice and take action accordingly. Action Alastair to ask Murdo from DION securities.
Gardener’s cottage – needs painting soon for stalkers arriving on Tuesday Action Ted.

8. Land Matters
Manse Glebe – more signatures needed (100 in total)
Estate Plan – progressing to plan. There will be a special meeting for the board to come up with objectives.
Stalkers – John, Steven and Harry will be stalking this season with Harry needing accommodation in the Gardener’s Cottage.
Tubney report – Mick had drafted this with Bill completing it.

9. Legal Matters
Restructuring Boards – Bill had previously circulated a paper on his ideas for the 2 boards suggesting 3 current members of the AF should also be on There ought to be different chairs. would have stalking and the lodge and any other trading activities. Action Bill to organise invitations to join
Health & Safety – Bill had circulated a draft policy. All agreed to accept this.
Auditors’ renumeration – Alastair recommended a different and less expensive auditor. To be changed at next AGM
Delegation of Directors to Decide – Two directors (including the lead director of appropriate topic) can take delegated powers to make a decision as long as they can justify it. This would happen if a decision was needed before the next full board meeting.

10. Website – Patricia has this in hand.
Newsletter – almost ready

11. AOCB
CASE – would like 8 or 9 days at the lodge for training days for local people. Agreed they could and £300 a day suggested. Action Derek
Name plates – would be put on boats soon. Action Robbie
Moth trap funds – Claire wanted to submit an AF application for 100% funds through LBAP funds. Agreed. Action Claire.
AGA – still will not be turned down. Action Claire.
Gardens – more people interested than there is space. All preparing proper applications which will be circulated before the next meeting.
Pony trekking – map now available of area to be leased.
Bushcraft – same man as last year wanting to run a week’s course on Drumrunie in April/May 07. He had submitted the correct application. Offering £440. Agreed. Action Derek.
Printer for newsletter – Agnes produced figures to show that buying our own printer, only to be used for newsletters, would be cheaper than getting it done at a printer. Agreed. Action Agnes and Derek.

Next meeting Tuesday 29th August 2006, Glencanisp, 7.00pm.