Board Meetings

Board Meeting 29th August 2006

Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held at Glencanisp on Tuesday 29th August 2006

Present Alastair Macaskill (Chair), Robbie Mackenzie, Don Campbell, Ted Matheson.
In attendance Derek Louden (DM), Claire Belshaw (Min Sec)

1. Apologies Patricia Filmer Sankey, Agnes Dickson, Bill Ritchie
2. Minute of 25th July 06 Proposed Ted Matheson, seconded Don Campbell
3. Matters arising
Canoes – application form is awaiting absent directors’ signatures
Lodge – Murdo here next week to service fire extinguishers and check furnishings
Glebe – forms in by next meeting
Moth trap – funding application successful
Aga – to be turned off if nobody in the lodge
Pony trekking – ongoing, Derek was thanked for all his effort put into this project.
Printer – ongoing
4. Derek’s report (previously circulated) to add:
Woodschool here last weekend and they will write a report on how to clear the windblow.
CCWT – CLU funding approved for Strategic planner for Assynt.
Norway seminar – will be at Glencanisp lodge in March 07
5. Decisions
Scarf mentor/housing – this would be a study on demographics, skill shortages; an all scoping study of Assynt parish wide. It was suggested that it would be more appropriate for ACC to take this forward Action Alastair.
Taxsure Insurance – in case IR call in an extra random audit of accounts. Insurance would cost approx £150. Agreed to do this Action Derek to get quotes
Glencanisp walled garden – one application received by a local person. However the newsletter with the article had not yet gone out so date needs to be changed and members given one last chance to express an interest. Action Derek/Patricia/boys to stuff (envelopes).
6. Accounts Derek updated us on uncommitted funds. Deer Larder discussed, we would be seeking funding for a new one.
7. Housing – Engineering Study is going on just now, due to finish end September
8. Renewables – Feasibility Study underway, first meeting with consultant went well. The chairman thanked Robbie for his input to discussions on this so far. Report due at end of September.
9. Land Matters
Estate plan – contributions for Part 1 coming in
Stalkers – 3 employed for the season. Stalking is going well. Income is higher than projected for this stage. It was proposed that an Argo was bought. Agreed, especially on Health and Safety grounds.
Tubney – are happy with the annual report. Thanks to Bill and Mick for that.
10. Lodge
Bookings coming in for 2007. Lodge subgroup had met pre architect’s meeting, to focus on alterations required. Architect’s meeting went well and he is starting to draw up plans.
11 Legal
Health and Safety – argo would be safer than a quad.
Fire safety – change in rules coming in in October. SNH wanting a nominee in case of fire at Knochan.
AGM – early September. Action Alastair and Bill
11. Website
Patricia will shortly circulate a recommendation of action to the board. Action Patricia.
12. AOCB Derek will be on holiday on Friday for 2 weeks.
Drumrunie fence – funding application going into SNH this week.
Section 7 – meeting at the lodge on 5th September