Board Meetings

Board Meeting 26th September 2006

Present Alastair Macaskill (Chair) Bill Ritchie, Don Campbell, Robbie Mackenzie, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Ted Matheson, Agnes Dickson (arrived during item 4)

In Attendance Derek Louden (DM) Claire Belshaw (minute taker)

1 Apologies Mick Blunt
2 Minute of 29 August 2006 Proposed Don Seconded Robbie

3 Matters arising
SCARF – ACC taking the lead on this – AGM will be held straight after this meeting
Fence – application currently being considered by SNH. Bill has asked WRDMG for their support
Section 7 meeting- CB will circulate the minute of that meeting.

4 Derek’s report
Newsletter – done and sent out last week. Was thought to be excellent
CASE – had cancelled all their courses to be held in the lodge.
Leader + - had finally given approval for funding for post grad to help market lodge
Windmills – meeting with SNH here on 27th October.

5 Decisions
Glencanisp Garden – 2 proposals were considered. The local applicant was chosen according to Assynt Foundation’s policy of encouraging local businesses to use our land. Action Alastair Bill and Agnes to come up with a formal 3yr agreement for the next meeting.
Lodge equipment – Derek, Claire and Dorothea, with Agnes’ agreement, had come up with a list of laundry/kitchen machines required urgently to make life practical in the lodge. The old staff quarters would become the laundry. It was agreed that these could be bought immediately within a budget of £2000.
Action Derek, Claire, Agnes
Music room – Derek circulated Niall’s proposal and Fergus’ request re the stables. As there was another proposal at the early planning stage it was agreed to have a meeting with all interested parties over the winter to discuss the long term plans of all involved
Tax insurance – deferred

6 Accounts
Discussion on uncommitted funds. Lodge breaking even so far.
Two quotes required from accountants for work over the next 3 years. Action Alastair and Bill.

7 Housing
HGA Engineering Study report was available. Meeting in Dingwall on 5th October with HSCHT, HC housing Dept, SEPA. Alastair would try and attend.
Alastair and Derek to meet Badnaban CG early next week and then a public meeting can be arranged to update public and try and get volunteers to form a housing subgroup. Don suggested putting a flier around every house before the meeting. Action Don
Short discussion on how much of the Glencanisp road was adopted by HC. Not sure.

8 Renewables
Mick Blunt had phoned Alastair recently to say that JMT had serious reservations about the site chosen for the windmills. Alastair had offered JMT the chance to come up with their own preferred site for consideration.
The Scoping Report was circulated. Next step is the meeting with SNH on 27th Oct.

9 Land Matters
Glebe – Would 10% of AF membership (ie 25 signatures) be enough for SEERAD for a register of interest? Action Bill
Estate plan – background info continuing to come in. Special Directors’ meeting to discuss objectives to be on 24th October 2006 in the office at 7.00pm. Example objectives and suggestions to be circulated beforehand. Action Claire and Mick
Meeting with Mick to clarify what he is currently helping us with Action Claire, Bill
Stalkers – currently doing fine and Robbie is confident the cull target for stags will be met. Polaris gear box broken, repairs next week. New argo coming end of this week.
Word of mouth is working well for stalking guests and lodge lets. Could be looking at getting 75% of stag stalking sold in a year or two.
Discussion on depreciation .

10 Lodge matters
bookings sheet circulated. Architect’s letter re fees discussed. Need to clarify what they originally tendered for. Action Derek. Agreed to stick with lodge only just now. Architect coming to measure up in October.
Post grad panel – Alastair, Agnes, Claire? CASE , Leader.
Office change of use – Agreed to apply for change of use of office from dwelling to office.

11 Legal matters
Boards – meeting tonight. There would be an EGM straight after the AF AGM on 7th December 2006
Health and Safety – Joanne had offered to help someone through the process, and Andrew Mactaggart would rubber stamp it. Action Mick.
AGM for AF – Thursday 7th December 2006. 7.30 pm in the lodge, (chairs needed).
Website – Designer had created a sandbox so we could alter the site. A hosting fee needed to be paid. The manuals were still not finished. Designer to get a deadline of 13th October for finished manuals or no payment at all. Meeting for those interested in future design of website and ongoing updates. Action Patricia

Archery- 2 tester days at lodge in October to be organised by Joanne, who will do all Health and Safety required.
CLU – our new after care officer is Ian Leaver. Claire and Derek going to Knoydart where Community landowner representation will be discussed. Any thoughts to CB or DL by Thursday.
Rebranding North Highlands – Derek is in contact with the local coordinator. Could be something for the lodge.