Board Meetings

Board Meeting 31st October 2006

Present Alastair Macaskill (Chair), Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Robbie Mackenzie, Don Campbell, Ted Matheson, Mick Blunt

In attendance Derek Louden (DM), Claire Belshaw (Minute Sec)

1 Apologies Patricia Filmer-Sankey
2 Minute of 26th September 06 Proposed Bill Ritchie, seconded Agnes Dickson
3 Matters arising walled garden – there would be a nominal rent for first 2 yrs.
4 Development manager’s report – taken as read
5 Ledbeg House – Somebody had asked to rent it after present occupier has left. Agnes declared an interest, as she knew the applicant. A holding letter would be sent as AF was taking a strategic view on the long term use of the house.
Request to stalk Drumrunie woods Could not have exclusive rights but could have occasional day.
Auditors recommend retain current auditors for now.
6 Accounts first draft arrived today.
7 Housing HC have said there is enough water for 70+ houses. Alastair keen to be on sub-committee and Badnaban CG to be asked to put forward a representative.
There was a wide ranging discussion on points raised by JMT, and JMT's policy on community wind generation was noted. AF directors envisage a radical scheme that will allow people of Assynt to reduce energy demand and move from oil to renewable resources and not just replace current electricity consumption. AF will invest income from electricity generation in long term financial security of AF and community services.
No agreement has been made regarding the siting or scale of the wind turbines.
The results of the feasibility study are being discussed with SNH and shortly with HC planners.

AF directors want all parties to come on board and agree a radical renewable energy plan for Assynt that we can be proud of.

SNH meeting 27 Oct06 - site is a very sensitive one because of the National Scenic Area. Minute from that meeting had been circulated.

8 Land matters
Manse Glebe – it was decided to make a package of all bits we may be interested in in the future and go to members to sign a register of interest in all of them at once.
Identify all the sites Action Bill and Robbie
Draft reasons Action Don

Estate plan – objectives of directors meeting had gone well, list being tidied up for circulation shortly Action Claire.

9 Lodge
Architect has measured the lodge and is drawing up plans for comment and decisions mid November.. It will include costings for works but not for furnishings. The lodge sub group will commission an expert to draw up costs. Estimate for fee from expert and budget from treasurer Action Derek, Agnes, Claire GCA Funding application finalised in December.

Post grad – Derek is drawing up the job description and person spec this week. CASE didn’t advertise it in Am Bratach and Assynt News. Action Agnes

10 Legal matters
Alastair indicated that he would not be standing for re-election as a director this year. This will be the second AGM so a third of directors would be retiring (eligible for re-election) New directors needed for
Health and Safety – risk assessments to be done by end 2006 Action Mick.
AGM – 7th December 06 at 7.30 in the lodge. Chairs needed. Action Ted.

11 Website
Need pieces on lodge, stalking and why AF exists. Ask Martin for his charges. Action Agnes

CKD wanting to meet with Alastair (no reason given)
Development manager’s post GCA application going in in Jan with no guarantee. Funding runs out in March. Derek is considering his position should the funding not materialise. AF optimistic about funding but agreed there were no guarantees. Initial feedback from outline proposal imminent.
Land Management Contract – we had one, all path work to be coordinated and plan made for fulfilling our obligations. Action Mick.
Heating for stalkers – board would look into providing woodburning stoves for Gardener’s Cottage and Bothy. Action Claire, Derek, Robbie, Bill.
Renewables – JMT asking to see figures for proposal. WCE are providing a report soon as per brief which will have all the financial detail in it. Board yet to discuss the whole proposal. A scoping report had been produced to go to HC when board satisfied.
Dissertation – student wanting to use Assynt Foundation to study ecotourism. Yes.
Ecotourism seminar – will be in March. Action Derek.