Board Meetings

Board Meeting 23rd November 2006

Present Alastair Macaskill (Chair), Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Robbie Mackenzie, Ted Matheson, Mick Blunt

In Attendance Derek Louden (DM), Claire Belshaw (Min Sec) Neil Gerrard (CLU)

1. Apologies Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Don Campbell
2. Minute of 31 October 2006 Proposed Agnes, seconded, Ted
3. Matters arising
Manse Glebe – ongoing
Meeting with CKD – Alastair and Robbie had met with Iain Russell to discuss areas of land that we still had a register of interest in. We await any proposal from Assynt Estates in writing.
4. Development Manager’s report- taken as read
Housing – agreed the area on Derek’s map between hatchery burn and deer park
Newletter – next issue in January
5. Decisions
Taxsure – agreed to go with existing auditors
Spare parts for water supply – agreed to buy spares to have in hand.
6. Accounts
Last year’s – income and expenditure will be on website in a format that all can understand.
This year’s – Bill explained what will show as AF and what will be in All bills for lodge will be in
7. Housing
A landscape artist had been appointed by Highland Council. His job is to decide how any houses would fit into the landscape. The board will meet with him before he starts.
CLU will produce a report from the housing seminar on Gigha.
Highland Council have moved the boundary for the Area of Search for Wildland back to Suileag Bothy, for the local plan. This Area of Search for Wildland is not a designation but indicates that areas of wildland could be found within the boundary.
A sub-committee for housing was formed including Alastair Robbie, and several members of AF who had expressed an interest. Anyone can join at anytime. Robbie was nominated as the director in charge.
8. Renewables
HICEC has approved extra funding for extra wireframes required by SNH, now making 27 different angles. SNH to be asked for timescale for their response Action Derek. Full draft report of Feasibility Study expected soon.
Sub-committee formed; Alastair, Robbie, Claire, and 3 members who had expressed an interest.
9. Land matters
Estate plan – draft list of objectives going in Assynt News next week. Action Claire.
Stalking – hind stalking going well. Pick-up has been bought, and a 4th boat to go on Loch Sionascaig to assist with stalking on Drumrunie, along with moorings, all purpose trailer and a tool kit. CLU have been very helpful in sorting the grant aid. Fencing gear to be purchased to help with minor repairs.
10. Lodge matters
Architect’s plans- much discussion about the second option. Fire escape to be discussed further and boiler room to be retained within the building. Action Agnes. Interior designer coming on Sunday to help cost furnishings.
GCA bid – OPF (Outline proposal form) hopefully to be approved by end of Nov. Content of bid was discussed and clarified. Lodge project manager to be included. CLU would fund exchange visit to see wood fuel boiler in action.
Post grad marketing officer- choose short leet Action Agnes and Derek.
11. Legal Matters
AF appoints directors to (minimum of 6)
Health & Safety Policy – Mick has produced this. Many thanks to Mick. Risk assessments coming from stalkers and other contacts. It is the responsibility of the chair to make sure that all directors and staff read it and sign it each year and to see that it is reviewed regularly.
AGM – if there is a vote, all members can vote 5 times only.
12. Website -
Content was required.Action all directors. A short informal agreement was to be drawn up with local website manager Action Patricia
13. AOCB
New directors – Bill has produced an induction pack on CD with Management agreement, Section 7, DMP, maps,, letter to minister, H&S Policy, annual reports, minutes, accounts etc. He suggested that new directors pair up with existing ones to be mentored.
Alastair thanked Bill for all his contribution to AF as he is stepping down from AF but staying with
General leaflet – Mick had produced a draft leaflet for general info and Friends of Assynt. This will go to the JMT design team for polishing. Ian Proudler is leaving JMT, AF to send letter thanking him for all his help. Action Derek.
Christmas party – all directors old and new and staff and all partners. Wednesday 20th December in the lodge.
JMT/AF liaison meeting – held yesterday. This had been a friendly and frank meeting, discussing Mick’s role and how JMT wanted to work constructively with AF.