Board Meetings

Board Meeting June 2011

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Directors Meeting
9 June 2011 at Glencanisp Office

Pat Robertson
Helen Steven
Fergus Stewart
Andy Summers
Mark Lazzeri
Jane Tulloch


Russell Robertson
Alec Dickson
John Cullen

Meeting began 7.15pm.

1. Apologies:
Stephen Smith
Jacqui Yates

2. No declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Directors Meeting 14 May 2011
Pat proposed, Fergus seconded.
Minutes approved.
Note: It is asked that a signed copy of all minutes now be kept on file in the Glencanisp office.

4. John’s Falconry Proposal
John Cullen put forward a prepared proposal for conducting falconry on the Estate. After some questions were raised in respect of alteration of fauna and the effect on eagles, and reassurances given by John that not enough quarry would be taken to cause a problem, and in fact may prove beneficial, it was agreed that this would be an appropriate venture for Assynt Foundation, on the conditions that ‘rules of engagement’ are correctly followed.
Action: Andy and John to discuss, and put a plan together.

5. Matters arising
Staff contracts: ongoing
SIS Loan: requires Director ID documents notarised by Ann Macleod. Action: Andy to provide documents to Post Office.
Policies and Procedures: Russell developing. Will send to board for approval.
Action: Mark to email Russell what we have already, under a policy developed over two years ago.
Noticeboards: ongoing.
Action: Adam to speak to Culag Woods re cost of noticeboards.
Helen to ask Agnes if she made progress, and work together if necessary.
Walled Garden: Robert Glover currently working on wall. Meeting to be held on Sunday 19 June for interested parties. Shed about to be ordered, and tools.
Must be referred to as ‘Garden Club’ rather than allotments, due to rules and regs.
Sporting: ongoing
Eagles: Two active nests and a chick have been observed. Cameras will be taken in for use next year.

6. Retailing Items in Lodge
The background to this issue is that artists have, in the past, approached Mark to enquire about displaying their work in the lodge. The first approach was made by Robin Noble three years ago. This was, at the time, discussed and agreement was reached by the Board that selected works would be sold in the ‘closed environment’ of the lodge. It was considered to be another way of raising funds in order that the lodge could ‘stand on its own two feet.’
However, recently, following paintings acquired from Angus Macdonald, the issue of ‘unfair trading’ has been raised, particularly with regard to local retailers who also sell artworks. After some discussion, the Board agreed that there is no evidence of unfair trading on the part of Assynt Foundation, that there is insufficient displacement caused, and the rules of competition apply. Indeed, this decision was deemed to be good for local business, and will hopefully attract more people into the area. It is vital that the Foundation improves its income, and the rules we are bound by do not exclude competition.

The Chairperson took this opportunity to minute her gratitude to Agnes Dickson, who has recently resigned as a Director. Agnes’ valuable contributions since the very beginning of the Foundation are noted, with many thanks.

7. Directors Training
Pamela Redpath will be coming to do a one-day Directors Training course.
Action: Jane to circulate Doodle Poll with available dates. Pat to send Pamela’s contact details to Jane.

8. Staff Report
Log Tenders: Tenders due this week, after a five day extension.
Action: Adam to schedule meeting with Directors after all tenders received.
Forest plan: ongoing
Deer management: ongoing
Tubney: shown on previous accounts as ‘unrestricted’ in error. Has now been rectified going forward, with Tubney accepting explanation of error.
Estate plan: upcoming. Suggested that each director responsible for own particular section/area of expertise.

Pat had meeting with Tim Sharpe of Glasgow School of Art. Opportunities may arise for volunteer students to do buildings drawings here – possibly in respect of affordable housing.
Church of Scotland road access: George Farlow to contact Water Board.
Fire plan and re-establishment of habitat: Publicity proposed to raise awareness of fire risk danger. Editorial to be included in climbing/walking/canoeing magazines next spring.

Pottery to open in July/August. Sign required at foot of drive, and parking at end of office block. Needs to be circulated around board members.

Bill Badger had been invited to attend the meeting to discuss his potential directorship, but was unable to come, with apologies. He will be invited to the next meeting.

Meeting ended 8.50pm.

Date of next meeting: 14 July 2011 to discuss update of Estate Plan.