Board Meetings

Board Meeting 2nd May 06

Present: Alistair MacKaskill - Chair; Derek Louden, Robbie MacKenzie, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Mick Blunt (John Muir Trust)

Apologies: Ted Matheson, Roz Summers

Unverified: Clive Sheppard

In attendance:

Minutes from the 18th April Robbie seconded by Alistair

1.0 Newsletter. Derek
A suggestion was put forward to list specific items that we need funds for on both the website and newsletter. PFS will notify Rob once list has been created. Patricia June
2.0 First New Business Venture
Jess has been in touch with CASE and they have agreed to support her business. The bank has also committed support. Robbie and Derek to nail down the exact area’s that will be required /used. Robbie/Derek 16 May
4.0 Lease
Munro has spoken to his contact in Bowlts regarding grazing leases. They recommend a seasonal grazing license for a 10 to 10 and a half month period with the stipulation that grazing and access should only occur between say middle of May till end of October. Derek to follow up. Derek 16 May
6.0 Plans
Derek has been in touch with 2 out of the 3 surveyors. All three will prepare quotes for AF which will be discussed at the next meeting.
I was recommended that a sub-group be formed to deal with the project. Derek 16th May
9.0 Scottish Land Fund
AF must flag up which projects need to be undertaken and put them forward to SLF. Mick will investigate JMT joint funding.
As yet we do not know who will take over from Munro. Robbie/Bill 16th May
10.0 SNH Agreement
The revised agreement was discussed, at considerable length, by the board. After much debate it was agreed, by all, to accept it. Alastair will progress further. Alastair 16th May
11.0 Development Managers Report – See attached.
12.0 Web site
PFS informed the board that the current web site has been written in a CMS packaged written by the developer. This could give us serious problems with support, maintenance etc once the site has been taken over. However it was agreed to keep things as they are for now and review the situation once the site is required. PFS will draft a hand over document that the developer will sign off against. Patricia On-Going
It was agreed by all any questions regarding policy decisions must be discussed with Alastair or Bill. It is not Derek’s role to mediate or explain them.
3.0 AOB
Joanne and Erick from the Assynt Leisure Centre will come to the next meeting to discuss how ALC and AF can work together.
Robin Noble has agreed to organise a seminar on land management with a group from Norway. Robin Noble 16th May
Mick will undertake a foot path survey on both estates. Mick 16th May
It was agreed that someone from AF will participate in the helicopter head count next year.
There is going to be a week of cultural events in Lochinver. Agnes suggested that we have the ceilidh at the end of the week. Agnes 16th May
It was agreed that AF need to create a New Business Check list. Bill, Patricia and Derek to brainstorm. Derek/Bill/PFS 16th May
Irene MacKenzie had tended her resignation to the board. Alastair will put this on-hold for one month. Alastair 16th May
It was discussed and agreed that Alastair will ask Don Campbell if he would be prepared to join the Board. Alastair 16th May
It was agreed that we would wait until after the Directors training day before approaching anyone else.
It was agreed that Alastair will write to Clive Sheppard to clarify his intentions regarding the board. Alastair 16th May