Board Meetings

Board Meeting 4th April 06

Present: Alistair MacKaskill - Chair; Ted Matheson, Irene MacKenzie, Derek Louden, Robbie MacKenzie, Roz Summers, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Munro Gauld (Scottish Land Fund),

Apologies: Bill Ritchie, Agnes Dickson, Mick Blunt (John Muir Trust)

Unverified: Clive Sheppard.

Minutes from the 4th April Alistair seconded by Robbie

1.0 SNH Agreement
Claire Belshaw gave a broad overview of the revised draft agreement. It was agreed that the board would review it between no and the next meeting. Any concerns will be raised then. Board 2 May
2.0 Newsletter. Derek
The board agreed that the newsletter was OK to go in its current format. PFS will let Rob know that AF will not require him to do redesign it. Patricia 2 May
3.0 First Business
Jess’s pony trekking business will the first to go live with AF. Jess to be contacted to see if she is happy for a write up in the next newsletter.
4.0 Lease
Solicitor has replied back, regarding the grazing lease, with a list of questions and comments. Lease must state that the cows must be physically removed from the ground outwith lease dates. It is not incumbent on AF to check this. Once all the questions have been answered the solicitor will confirm exact legal status. Alistair will contact the solicitors and Munro volunteered out costs and general recommended options. Munro 2 May
5.0 Glebe Land
Registration for interest in the Glebe land is now in hand. Board need to get as many signatures as possible. Board
6.0 Plans
H. Ross and T Munro have been sent the specifications for drawing up plans for the scheme of improvements and bill of quantities for Glencanisp Lodge. Project funded by the Scottish Land Fund
7.0 No further communication from Paramount
8.0 AF has registered as a private landlord.
9.0 Web Site
There is an amount of controversy over the current website. Roz was recommended that we revert back to the original site and choose a new developer. As funding and cash are always a concern it was agreed that we would continue as is for now. PFS will act as point person on this from now on and find out why nothing has been changed and have it rectified ASAP. PFS to check on design contract terms and conditions. Patricia 2 May
10.0 New Business
A suggestion has been put to the board to set up a small snack bar in the annex to sell tea, coffee, etc to walkers etc. Alistair to follow up. Alistair 2 May
Fergus want to rent somewhere where he can throw his pots. Currently working at the pottery but needs to have his own workshop. Derek to follow this up with Fergus. Derek 2 May
11.0 Scottish Land Fund.
SLF has monies left that must be spent by the end of the year. The recommendation is that AF apply for funding now, for project(s) that have a short Start-Finnish time. All projects must be completed by Feb 2007. Board agreed to have a sub-group meeting to brainstorm what project(s) would be suitable. Board 2 May
12.0 Scottish Land Fund.
The board was very sad that this was the last meeting that Munro will attend as he is leaving the SLF. Alistair passed on our thanks and gratitude for all his hard work and good luck for the future. We do not know who his replacement will be at this time.
3.0 AOB
Nothing raised.