Board Meetings

Board Meeting July 2011

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Directors Meeting
14 July 2011 at Glencanisp Office

Present: Patricia Robertson, Stephen Smith, Helen Steven, Fergus Stewart, Andy Summers, Bill Badger.
Attending: Russell Robertson, Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant, George Farlow, Neil Gerrard.
1. Apologies:
Jacqui Yates.

2. No declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Directors Meeting 9 June 2011
Helen proposed, Andy seconded.
Minutes approved.

4. Matters arising:
4.1 Co-option of director: Patricia motioned to co-opt Bill Badger as a director. The board unanimously agreed.
Action: Adam to send Bill relevant documents.
4.2 Director Training: Director training has been provided by Pamela Redpath of Community Enterprise. Those able to attend found this very useful. It is hoped to hold another director training session soon.

5. Affordable Housing:
5.1 Rural Housing Scheme: Neil Gerrard discussed a possibility of a renewed Rural Housing Scheme or some similar government scheme, which may provide grants and/or loans towards affordable housing creation. We have been asked to confirm the expected scale of the first phase of planned affordable housing development, and to confirm our willingness to consider croft creation and selling housing plots as a possibility to finance housing creation. It was noted that croft creation is already a long-standing aim of the Foundation. The board confirmed their willingness to consider croft creation and sale of housing plots as a means of financing affordable housing creation.
Patricia suggested that the board state that up to 15 units are planned in the first phase. Agreed.
5.2 Church of Scotland: Neil and George both offered to contact the Trustees of the Church of Scotland on our behalf, to try to progress our request for a right of maintenance of the section of the Glen Canisp road owned by the Church of Scotland. (A right of maintenance of the road is required in order to bring the road up to an adoptable standard in order to progress housing creation on land accessed by the road.) The board unanimously agreed to allow Neil and George to progress this on our behalf.

6. Log Building Project: The Big Lottery Fund have now confirmed their willingness to allocate their remaining Redevelopment Project grant allowance to fund the Log Building project. The project will result in the creation of a multi-purpose log building and a timber frame storage building and provision of substantial local training in log building and timber framing skills.
Following the recent tendering period, Cormac Seekings is the preferred contractor as per his tender. Action: Adam and Patricia to draft letter to Cormac.

7. HISEZ Marketing: A weeks worth of marketing advice is to be organised by HISEZ on behalf of HIE. Andy Mackay has suggested applying for a grant of £900 plus a £100 contribution from AF. This to go towards implementing some of the marketing needs.
8. Estate Plan: The directors went over and updated a substantial portion of the Estate Plan actions list which had resulted from the consultation process held last year. A further meeting was set for 10am 28th July, to finish Estate Plan review.
Discussion of some specific items on actions list which were covered:
8.1 Agreed minutes to be sent to Ullapool News and sent to Russell Pursey for putting on Elphin noticeboard. Action: Adam.
8.2 Agreed written staff reports to be sent to members along with minutes. Action: Adam.
8.3 Policies Action: Mark to send existing Policy documents to Russell.
8.4 Community Open meetings: Aim to hold open meeting in September. As affordable housing will be top priority at this meeting, it is planned to hold the meeting at Lochinver Village Hall.
8.5 Venison Processing and Sale: The consensus is to progress small scale venison processing at Glencanisp, which will require investment in existing deer larder facilities.

Suggested we ask soon-to-be-appointed CALL officer if they can help progress this project.
8.6 Car Parking: Suggested we apply to the Scottish Landfill Community Fund for grant towards car parking improvement.
8.7 Woodcock: Agreed that woodcock be discussed at next board meeting (September).

9. Staff contracts: A private director’s meeting was held before this meeting. Patricia and Helen are to progress contracts / division of tasks etc.

10. Noticeboards: Ongoing.
Action: Adam still to speak to Culag Woods re cost/source of their noticeboards.

11. Finance: The remaining loan from Social Investment Scotland has now been received.

12. AOCB
12.1 Listening Posts: Bill Brown of the Glasgow School of Art is working on this project. Currently at stage of compiling local stories for inclusion on prototype listening post to be located near Suileag Bothy. Information on this project and a request for stories will be put in the Assynt News.
12.2 Inver Loop Path: Walkers have been getting lost trying to walk the Inver Loop. Signs will go up.
12.3 Possible Timber Supply for woodchip: Diane Campbell of Ullapool Community Trust is to investigate the possibility of a joint lease from Forestry Commision Scotland of forestry land owned by FCS, which may provide timber for woodchip for AF and for a future woodchip heating system in Ullapool. Agreed to Diane investigating this further.
12.4 Walled Garden: Jenny has notified us of her intention to give up her lease of part of the walled garden. She is willing to sell her garden shed. Board agreed to offer Jenny a sum to cover shed and fruit trees to be left in garden.

Meeting ended 7.30pm.
Date of next meeting: TBA. Likely to be Thursday 8th September 2011.