Board Meetings

Board Meeting 11th January 2007

Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held on Thursday 11th January, 2007 at Glencanisp at 7.00pm
Meeting started at 7.10 pm.

Present Claire Belshaw(Chair), Mike Blunt, Davy Robb, Claire Ford, Don Campbell, Patricia Robertson, Ailsa Spindler, Ted Matheson, Peter Hardwick, Robbie Mackenzie, Agnes Dickson.
Apologies Patricia Filmer-Sankey In Attendance Derek Louden (Dev. Mgr) Bill Ritchie (

1. Minute of 12th December, 2006 Proposed by Ted, seconded by Davy

2. Matters Arising
Cheques for Christmas Parties have not been sent, as Derek did not know to whom they should be made out. He is to phone the schools this week to find out and send cheques.
It was noted that the potholes in the road between the cattle grid and the garages had been filled. Thanks Robbie!

3. Appointment of Directors to
Bill gave brief explanation of
Ed von Gohren Prop.Claire B. Sec. Ted
Alec Dickson Prop. Patricia R. Sec. Ailsa
Tony Usher Prop. Robbie Sec. Ted Matheson
It was then decided that these directors would meet to decide what other areas of expertise need to be covered and then approaches can be made to suitable people.
4. Development Manager’s Report
Housing sub-group to meet to put together proposals/strategy for next few months. This to happen week following this meeting. Once proposals/strategy ready all directors will have special meeting (date to be notified) to discuss housing. Peter to find out about funding to take project further.

Graduate Marketing Post to be offered to Adam Pellant. Ideas of other things for him to do to be emailed to Claire B.

Newsletter! Items wanted. Appointments. General item about renewables. Stalking. Lodge.

Letters_ No comment/reply to SNH and also to Housing letter. Bill to reply to Forestry Comm.

Elphin School_ consent awaited from Minister for Education before it can be handed over. Before any final agreement the state of repair should be thoroughly checked.

Ian Russell (CKD Galbraith) has been in touch to ask that the Foundation lift their note of interest in Inveruplan. Letter to arrange meeting.

Audit Invoices. Ailsa to try to negotiate reduction in one of the invoices as it is MUCH bigger than expected.

Woodcock shooting. An approach has been made by a party of up to 3 for 2 days for permission to shoot woodcock. Agnes made her feelings against allowing this very stongly and clearly. Other discussion about the pros and cons followed. It was decided by a big majority that on this occasion the party would be offered permission. Robbie to look into price.
An item on this to appear in next newsletter.

An item about Finances is to be on the agenda for next meeting.

5. GCA Bid
Derek gave report. Date for application brought forward to next Monday, therefore, current bid only to be for Development Managers salary. Lodge application momentum to be kept going so that it is ready in good time. Everything to go to Neil Gerrard for 23rd February.

6. Wind Turbine Proposal
Majority agreed to carry on looking in to wind turbines.
Community consultation exercise vital as one of the ways forward. Bigger picture needs to be presented. It is possible to get funding for professionals to help with this and also for registering interest. Board agreed that this should be done.
Ailsa had replied to ROC consultation, as date was too short to consult with board _ no problem.
Renewables Sub-group to meet within next two weeks to draught strategy.

7. JMT Visit
Dick Balharry (Chairman of JMT) is to visit on 26th January on Claire’s invitation. Times to be notified.
Mick gave short description of JMT
Agreement was reached as to points Claire should raise with Dick.

Lodge. Agnes had the interior costings for soft furnishings.
Claire B. wants everybody to ensure that everyone gets emailed about meetings, etc and anything of importance that all should know about.

Next meeting Thursday 8th February, 2007 at 7.00pm But please note that meeting is ACTUALLY to be on WEDNESDAY, 7th February 2007 at 700pm. Meeting closed at 1000pm.