Board Meetings

Board Meeting 7th February 2007

Draft Minutes of meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held on Wednesday7th February, 2007 at Glencanisp at 6.00pm

Meeting started at 6.04pm

Present Claire Belshaw(Chair) Peter Hardwick, Patricia Robertson, Robbie Mackenzie, Claire Ford, Davy Robb
Don Campbell, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Ted Matheson, Marianne Hutchison, Agnes Dickson.

Apologies Ailsa Spindler In Attendance Martin Morrison, Bill Ritchie(Chair

1.Web-site Martin gave short explanation about the new web-site. He also stated a number of things that he needs: Individuals and/or sub-groups to write text . News section. Climbing/walking. Stalking. Geology. Links to other sites/areas. Video clips. Key words needed.
Any complaints, suggestions to be directed to Martin. Martin is to liaise with Adam and Patricia Filmer-Sankey.
Membership and Assoc. Membership to be looked at for future inclusion.
Wall space for Martin and others to display work to be provided in the Lodge. Action Agnes.
Martin left the meeting at this point.

2. Derek’s Resignation With sadness the board has had to accept Derek’s resignation. Don and Robbie to meet with Derek on Friday to arrange a mutually convenient date for Derek to leave.
To work out a new job description there will be a meeting on Wed., 14th Feb., at Glencanisp at 7.00pm

3. Housing Peter gave information about the progress made so far. It became obvious that Peter has put in a great deal of time and effort on this already and for this, the Board members should be very grateful.
Many thanks!
The area is to be zoned for housing in the coming month. Peter will then arrange HSCHT meetings for afternoon and evening so that as many people as possible can attend.
SCARF 1 funding to be applied for. This provides a mentor to apply for SCARF 2 funding to actually carry out research and produce paper to explain what is being proposed. The Renewables sub-group will also be able to use the SCARF2 project for research for their project.
An engineering report of the site will cost 10 to 20 thousand pounds. Peter has no idea where the money will come from. There is also a potential problem with foul water. Tests to allow discharge need to be carried out and will cost approx. £2000. Some members thought we may already have this information. Sub-group to investigate further. We need to know whether or not we can actually build houses on the planned area.

AOCB Agnes made point about short notice for some meetings. People need to have a bit of warning to try to fit other meetings into their schedules.

Next meeting Thursday 22nd February, 2007 at 7.00pm

Meeting closed at 8.15pm