Board Meetings

Board Meeting November 2011

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
10 November 2011
Glencanisp Office, Lochinver

Present: Patricia Robertson, Chair, Andy Summers, Director, Fergus Stewart, Director, Helen Steven, Director, Bill Badger, Director, Adam Pellant, Jane Tulloch, Tim Wright, Accountant, Stephen Smith, Director.

Apologies: Jacqui Yates, Director

Meeting began 5.10pm. Directors held the first part of the meeting in camera.
Staff invited back 6.25pm. Stephen Smith left at that point.

Declarations of interest: None

Minutes of last meeting: Pat proposed, Fergus seconded. Minutes approved.

Staff contracts: ongoing, with assistance from Hisez.

Financial statement: It is hoped to bring lodge income up through marketing activity. In addition, to save money in the lodge it may be necessary to alter the settings on thermostats, lighting (sensors fitted) among other things.
Action: John to give stalking report at next meeting including analysis of stalking income (Adam).

Ledbeg House: There is now a modest income from Gardeners Cottage, and it is hoped to refurbish Ledbeg House before it deteriorates even further to bring in significant income. This needs to be actioned ASAP.
It is also proposed that other ideas are put forward for Ledbeg, i.e. community partnership, an info centre, living croft, archaeological site of interest, applications to Leader, etc.
Action: Jane to organise quotes/estimates from 2 further contractors re Ledbeg.

AGM: Will probably be held in January or February, weather dependent. Accounts require to be completed before this time.

Forest Plan: Contract has been signed. Meeting to take place with Robin Noble next week. Small print must be checked.


• Bill Badger informed us of a possible ancient monolith which has just been found behind Ledbeg house. This is of potential archaeological importance and a dig is planned for spring. The stone has been dubbed ‘The Badger Stone,’ after Bill discovered it.
• Christmas party planned for staff, Directors, partners and associates.
• Mizer sawmill: CCWT have confirmed AF can use sawmill. However, it may be hard to move due to rust. Action: Adam to enquire whether can be brought to Glencanisp.
• Bill and Adam met to discuss funding requirements. Bill has requested AF purchase a copy of the Directory of Grant Making Trusts. Action: Jane to order directory.

Meeting closed 8pm.

Next meeting: 16 January, 3pm, Glencanisp Lodge