Board Meetings

Board Meeting March 2012

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
8 March 2012
Glencanisp Office, Lochinver

Present: Patricia Robertson, Stephen Smith, Andy Summers, Bill Badger, Adam Pellant, Tim Wright, Jane Tulloch, Russell Robertson

1. Apologies: Clive Sheppard, Helen Steven, Fergus Stewart

Meeting began 4.05pm

2. Declarations of interest: None

3. Minutes of last meeting: (as amended) Bill proposed, Pat seconded. Minutes approved.

4. Office Bearers
Chair: Nominated – Patricia Robertson. Stephen proposed/Andy second.
Vice Chair: Nominated – Helen Steven. Andy proposed/Pat second.
Treasurer (after discussion: overviewer role): Nominated – Bill Badger. Pat Proposed/Andy second.

5. Financial Statement

Note was made of some grants yet to claim.

6. Matters Arising

Hydro update:
• Awaiting scoping response from HC Planning department.
• MNV Consulting retained to carry out flow gauging – funding from CRESP
• Mott Macdonald brief almost finished
• Awaiting LEADER decision for Project Manager post and EIA costs
• Exploring Coastal Fund
• AF to look for match funding
Action: Russell to forward Scoping Report to Board members

Forest Plan: Meeting held in lodge with Robin Noble, John Risby etc to ascertain whether enough money to go ahead. May have to scale back a bit. Happy with woodland figures from Adam.
Action: Pat and Andy to meet Robin at Leisure Centre, 12 March @ 12.30pm.

Ledbeg Dig: After excavations around the ‘Badger Stone’ it is apparent that it never stood upright there. Further machine/technical surveying to be done to solve mystery.
Ledbeg House: Stephen produced the original roofers quote for Gardeners Cottage. Action: Stephen to find out whether they will honour this quote. Ledbeg key now been given to Stephen.

Church of Scotland: Still awaiting instructions.

Assynt Festival: Finance Manager post deadline for applications extended.

Veyatie access: Stephen has written second letter to Factor. No response as yet.

Ted Matheson: Pat has written to Jane regarding the planting of a tree near the lodge in Ted’s memory.

Long Term Aims Meeting: Agreed to be held w/c 16 April, either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Bill to prepare agenda. Venue TBC. Requested that the agenda should be available to board members at least a week prior to the meeting.
Action: Jane to create Doodle Poll re agreed dates.

Accounting System: May be possible to improve existing system dependent on HIE needs.
Action: Pat to contact Neil Gerrard and have him talk directly to Tim.
Action: Adam to note time spent on existing accounts system (weekly/monthly).

Stalking Matters: No Stalking Sub Group meeting since last board meeting.
Ongoing issues still to be addressed include assistance for John in season/looking at costs.
Action: Stephen and John to attend WSFT fishing meeting on 13 April

Sheep at Ledbeg: Sheep likely to eat hinds’ grazing – welfare issue and potential of AF losing income.
Action: Pat/Stephen to follow up.

Felling Licence: Restocking conditions issues.
Action: Adam to follow up and try to tie restocking in with future forest plan aims.

Land use: Request for peat cutting at Elphin.
Action: Defer application until ownership of ground is established to the satisfaction of the board.

Jane left 6.30pm.

AOCB & Date of next meeting:
Remaining notes taken by Patricia R.

1- Eco Tourism, Bill offered to be on a sub-group for this. The whole issue of sub-groups should be looked at between now and next meeting and discussed at the next meeting. All directors need to think about this issue please.
2- Bill suggested phase 1 ecological surveys be carried out for Glencanisp Estate, agreed in principle that funding might be available and that EIAs for Hydro could add information to this. Bill to look for funding but this must not be prioritised over other more urgent funding needs.
3- Patricia suggested that we need to look at AF involvement with schools and increase the contact, particularly re the walled garden and orchard which would be a good starting point Pat to work on this with schools and parent boards.
4- Next Meeting 12th April at 4.00PM at Glencanisp Office.