Board Meetings

Board Meeting 22nd February 2007

Present: Claire Belshaw (Chair), Agnes Dickson (Vice Chair), Robbie MacKenzie (Vice Chair), Ailsa Spindler (Treasurer), Davy Robb, Don Campbell, Peter Hardwick, Ted Matheson.

In attendance: Derek Louden (Dev Mgr), Adam Pellant (Project Officer), Ed Von Gohren (, Bill Ritchie (

Apologies: Mick Blunt, Claire Ford, Pat Robertson, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Marianne Hutchison.

Minutes Meeting started at 7.00pm.
Item Description Action Date
1.0 Minute of 11th Jan. Proposed by Robbie, seconded by Ted.
2.0 Minute of 7th Feb. Proposed by Agnes, seconded by Davy.
3.0 Matters arising from 11th Jan.
Adam has accepted job and begun.
Elphin school: HC not yet been in touch with us.
CKD Galbraith meeting 23rd Feb.
Woodcock shoot: 18 seen; 4 shot; income: £200.
Dick Balharry (JMT) didn’t visit due to illness.
4.0 Matters arising from 7th Feb.
Development Manager post advertised. Closing date 9th March. Interviews planned around 31st March.
Development Manager’s report
5.0 GCA bid for Glencanisp Lodge Upgrade: Back at outline proposal bid stage.
Derek to produce new version asap. Derek
5.1 £400 spending for all abilities access report from Fieldfare Trust approved by board. Derek
5.2 Suggested to look into full equality of access, beyond just for all abilities. Ailsa
5.3 Agreed by board that official change of use, to allow events open to the public, is required. Planning permission required. Derek
5.4 Community consultation: need to know what the requirements are.
5.5 Woodchip boiler approved by board.
5.6 Overall budget figure of £1,006,665 approved by board.
6.0 Stalking: Hind cull finished. Stalkers have done very well.
7.0 Lodge: Twenty-two weeks booked so far this year. Norway Seminar: In lodge in March.
8.0 Project Officer’s report. Brief outline of work so far.
9.0 Finance Summary from Bill.
Grants explanation paper circulated prior to meeting.
Should aim to be on our own feet by year 5.
Need to budget for replacing equipment such as boats and engines, and part of new Dev. Mgr’s salary in years 4 and 5 of the post.
10.0 Affordable Housing Project Summary from Peter.
Housing paper circulated prior to meeting.
Community Consultation: SCARF funding available for this.
Peter to arrange meeting with Highland Small Communities Housing Trust.
10.1 Write letter to inform Francis Keith re Glencanisp affordable housing project. Derek
11.0 Renewables.
Options paper circulated prior to meeting.
Decided that options of number of turbines for wind project be left open for the community consultation. Plan for consultation. Subgroup
11.1 Biofuels mentioned. Necessity of access for harvesting. One for future discussion.
12.0 Fishing: Board approved continued arrangement between AF and AAG.
13.0 Agnes: proposed fun day this summer. Sufficient interest to continue plans for this.
14.0 Newsletter. Stickers and stamps needed for posting out.
Meeting closed at 9.30pm.