Board Meetings

Board Meeting March 2013

Meeting of the Board of Directors of Assynt Foundation
7 March 2013
Glencanisp Lodge

Directors present:
Helen Steven (Chair), Clive Sheppard (Vice Chair), Stewart Hill, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Nigel Goldie, Jeannette McCarthy, Andy Summers, Fergus Stewart

In attendance:
Davy Robb (Assynt.Biz), Jane Tulloch, Adam Pellant, John Cullen, Sarah Corkish

Meeting started 5pm.

Introduction of new Directors
Introductions were given from all present.

Appointment of Office Bearers
Motion to re-appoint the following en bloc:

Helen Steven as Chair
Clive Sheppard as Vice Chair
Proposed – Andy Summers
Second – Brendan O’Hanrahan
Motion carried.

Motion to co-opt Stewart Hill to Assynt Foundation Board
Proposed – Helen Steven
Second – Andy Summers
Motion carried.

Motion to appoint Stewart Hill as Treasurer
Proposed – Helen Steven
Second – Clive Sheppard
Motion carried.

Additional board meetings outwith usual monthly schedule have been called. Dates of future meetings confirmed as follows:-

Finance meeting (closed) to discuss paper submitted by Tim Wright: 27 March, 10am, Glencanisp Lodge. This will comprise attendance by those involved in financial issues in the morning, with full board attendance from 3pm to confirm decisions.

Ordinary Board Meeting: Friday 22 March, 4pm, Glencanisp Lodge.

Russell Robertson
Russell resigned as director of Assynt.Biz by email to the Chair on 14 February 2013. Formal letter of acceptance sent.

Stewart met with NFU on 7 March. Decisions to be made regarding renewal figures to be made during meeting of Jeannette, Stewart, Jane, John and Helen on 21 March.

Equal Opportunities Document
Action: Clive and John to review, Jane to edit.

Report from HIE Meeting
Discussion of Helen’s meeting with HIE on 28 Feb - see Helen’s notes below.
Action: Helen to invite HIE for meeting at end of April.

Ledbeg House (LBH)
Working group of Brendan, Sarah and Davy visited LBH on 1 March. Consensus reached that previously quoted figures for restoration may be inaccurate.

Option discussed for LBH:
Fully Repairing and Insuring Lease (FRI). May be issue of access for stalking. Structural survey would be required.

Unanimous decision made not to sell LBH.
Action: Sarah to get firm fixed quotation and competitive quotes for survey.

Proposal for Deer Farm
Further to proposal to progress with plans for a deer farm, it has been requested that a scoping study be completed. Some of the cost will be reimbursable from the Scottish Govt, but this may take considerable time.
Decision taken: John to go ahead and invite VAS to undertake scoping study.

Meeting closed 7.30pm.

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
22 March 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver

Present: Helen Steven (Chair), Stewart Hill, Nigel Goldie, Brendan O’Hanrahan
In attendance: Jane Tulloch, Sarah Corkish, John Cullen
Meeting began 4.10pm.
Helen apologised for her extended absence due to holidays, etc.
1. Apologies: Andy Summers, Fergus Stewart, Jeanette McCarthy, Adam Pellant
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Minutes of last meeting: amendments shown on approved minutes. It is now proposed that directors respond to DRAFT minutes within 5 days, with no further amendments thereafter.
Minutes of 13 February 2013: Brendan proposed, Stewart seconded. Minutes approved.
Minutes of 7 March 2013: Stewart proposed, Nigel seconded. Minutes approved.
4. Action on matters arising:
Insurance: Meeting took place between Jeanette and Stewart on 21 March. Decision: Jeanette to now take over insurance administration. Action: Jeanette and Stewart to go to NFU in Inverness.
Clive Sheppard (CS) arrived 4.25pm
Equal Opportunities: Policy requires to be forwarded to Council. Ongoing. Action: Clive to rewrite/revisit, Jane to edit.
Meeting 27 March re finances: Budget will be agreed on this day.
Ledbeg House: Four structural survey quotes received. It was AGREED to accept the lowest quote.
Ledbeg: Brendan contacted tenants of Ledbeg grazing in respect of a preliminary meeting to put lease on a more formal footing. This was not received as unreasonable.
Brendan also had discussions with Knockan/Elphin crofting community and will finalise name of representative on group shortly.
Stalking Ghillie: Letter and job description now prepared. Action: Helen to sign letter and send.
Lodge bookings: Lodge awarded Visit Scotland 4 Stars. Thanks to Lodge staff formally given.
Lodge bookings up considerably on last year. Julie Ann Macleod has been doing catering this week and last. BBC Landward visit went very well.
Action: Calendar of confirmed bookings to be produced for every meeting.
Action: Explore VS recommendations for 5-star status.
Action: Jane and Sarah to have meeting in Visitor Centre following VS status.

Request for an updated marketing budget. Require paid advertisements and other marketing avenues for successful promotion of courses and lodge in general.
Action: Adam to explore Visit Scotland Growth Fund.
Action: Jane to prepare new website specification.
5. Financial Report
No financial report – carried forward to Financial Meeting on 27 March.
6. Staff and Subgroup Reports
Subgroups/Working Groups require to be made formal with full Terms of Reference for each. Staff need line manager each. Proposed new working groups:

Stalking: Deer Farm: VAS have now been commissioned and are visiting on 7 April and staying in the Lodge. It is hoped that their report will be submitted in time for the HIE meeting on 26 April.
Proposed members of Stalking Workgroup: Brendan, John C, John V. Possibly two others outwith AF, pending terms of reference.
Action: New subgroup to meet ASAP.

Hydro: EIA tender invitation out. Stewart will now take the project forward. Formal acceptance of this will be made on Wednesday.

Ledbeg House: Brendan, Davy Robb, Sarah. Remit to be widened to include in-bye ground. Action: 2 people outwith directors/staff to be recruited.

Log Building: Clive, Fergus, Nigel. Henry Fosbrooke is to meeting with HC planners and expects Pole Barn can be finished by end August.

Lodge: Jeanette, Helen, Sarah, Jane, Clive

Housing: It seems that the Church of Scotland may be selling the Manse, in which case we need to have this confirmed as it will affect our access and housing projects.
Action: Helen to contact Pat requesting papers before group convenes. Helen to speak to her contacts in Church of Scotland.

7. AOCB:
• Inver Park Noticeboard: Action: Stewart to free lock and remove out-of-date articles.
• New notice for walkers has been erected at Glencanisp.
• Proposed that meetings be held in different places around Assynt. 11 April meeting to be in Stoer Village Hall. This will be publicised in Stoer and will be advertised as a ‘come and meet new directors’ type evening.
Action: Helen to book Stoer Hall.
• Nigel and Brendan to go to Community Land Scotland meeting in Skye.
• Small signs have been purchased for the road end as a compromise following complaints about the bigger ones from neighbours.
Action: Stuart/John to erect small signs next week.
• Sheds: Storage space is required but AGREED that shed in walled garden is part of the garden lease. DECISION/AGREED: Alternative storage for estate/stalking equipment etc to be provided as a PRIORITY.
• Garden Wall: CWA may have funding to run training course for this. Action: Jane to speak to Amanda Calvert of CWA.

Date of next meeting: 11 April in Stoer Village Hall. Directors and Staff: 4pm, Public (‘Meet the Foundation’): 7pm. Meeting ended 6.45pm.