Board Meetings

Board Meeting held on 22nd March 2007

Present Claire Belshaw (Chair), Agnes Dickson, Robbie Mackenzie, Ailsa Spindler, Don Campbell, Marianne Hutchison, Claire Ford, Davy Robb, Patricia Robertson, Ted Matheson, Peter Hardwick, Mick Blunt

In attendance Derek Louden (DM), Adam Pellant (PO), Bill Ritchie (

1 Apologies Patricia Filmer-Sankey

2 Minute of meeting 22nd February 2007 Proposed Don Campbell, seconded Ted Matheson

3 Matters arising- none

4 Development Manager’s Report – taken as read, nothing to add

5 Marketing Officer’s Report – taken as read, nothing to add

6 Stalking Report – taken as read, Bill added that other estates’ cull figures were available

7 Finance – AF has invoiced £5000 for doing admin. are meeting on Monday and will decide how much to donate over to AF at the end of the financial year.

8 Leaflet and funding – Mick had produced a draft general leaflet for AF. Minor changes were agreed. Mick will get a price for printing and recommendations for funding it. Action Mick

9 Renewables
Given that HSCHT had agreed to carry out a confidential housing surgery in Lochinver which we had previously agreed would be done with SCARF funding, there followed discussion about what could be included in the research questionnaire (possible funding through SCARF) to all residents in Assynt. Attitudes to affordable housing, attitudes to renewables and recycling , attitudes to field sports, could be included. Meeting with SCARF rep on 21 or 22 April.
The Open Day for the wind turbine project is next Wednesday. There will also be displays on lodge refurbishment (Davy) and Housing (Peter, Agnes, Don).

There had been a housing subgroup meeting last night with Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT). The next stage is the full Feasibility Study which Highland Council had intimated that they would fund (approx £20,000). However, this was conditional on Assynt Foundation helping Assynt with their housing needs and contributing to infrastructure costs associated with the housing project and that AF would be willing to sell several house plots to raise the necessary funds. This would not be a legal obligation but a firm commitment. The subgroup recommended that AF agree to this, selling plots as a last resort, and should make every effort to find alternative funds. All agreed Claire to email Di Alexander accordingly Action Claire.

Funday – Saturday 23rd June at the lodge. Workshops on Mon & Tues.
Cooker in lodge – new one yet to be bought Action Agnes.
Woodcock – there had been 5 negative comments about the woodcock shooting that took place in January on Glencanisp. This would be discussed fully at the next board meeting.
JMT ranger – has been appointed, based in Kinlochbervie and working half time on Quinag. Mick thought that when the ranger had settled in s/he would be willing to do some work for AF
JMT workparty – on Quinag early May. They would be willing to do 2 days work on AF land.
Kayaks – Don reported that he was working with Julie-Ann and Jo (Leisure Centre) re training. The kayaks and safety boats are all set to be purchased.
Stoer School – a letter of thanks had been received for the cheque towards Christmas party.
Bottles and bins – Ted to do these. Thanks Ted.
Kitty for tea and bics – all to bring £5 next meeting.