Board Meetings

Board Meeting May 2013

Board Meeting of the Assynt Foundation
May 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver

Present: Helen Steven, Chair, (HS), Stewart Hill (SH), Nigel Goldie (NG), Fergus Stewart (FS), Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Clive Sheppard (CS), Andy Summers (AS)
In attendance: Davy Robb (DR), Jane Tulloch, (JT), Adam Pellant (AP), Hughie Donaldson, HIE (HD)
Meeting began 5pm.
1. Apologies: none
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Minutes of last meeting: Amendments will be shown on approved minutes. Minutes to Helen for amendments before public distribution.
4. Matters arising: none
5. Financial Report
Notes: Most things as expected.
Financial authorisations agreed – rota of directors to approve.
Helicopter Cost – awaiting funds from SWT and JMT.
HD – Why the lengthy wait for SRDP? More evidence of deer management on Glencanisp required first – John is providing this evidence.
6. Log building
Contractor / NG wishes to bring in architect for regulatory and warrant issues.
Notes: Health and safety regs (CDM co-ordination) can be made responsibility of contractors.
Pole barn to go up first – decision made, should now progress ASAP.
John Cullen (JC) arrived 6pm
7. Staff Reports
JT: Admin: Making efforts to renew and improve office and grounds without cost – request to paint outdoor paintwork on office buildings – agreed.
Trainee stalker college application completed/grant for rural skills centre ongoing.
JC: Deer/Estate Management: VAS Scoping Study received. Once circulated, John will be asked to do a presentation to directors.
Boat House: Lease required. Electricity in Boat House: comes off lodge supply.
Action: Install counter in Boat House (John to research counters.)
Action: John/Jeanette to compile lease.
Fire Plan: Brendan updating.
Fire trucks: Jane to suggest machinery-ring type share with CALL partners.
8. Leases (Jeanette and Stewart)
This section was held ‘in camera.’
9. Ledbeg
Ledbeg House options: Care and repair lease – list of interested parties already exists
Short term lease option
Grazing: Current tenant has vacated. Advertisement for new tenant sent out in local area.
Responses awaited.
Crofts: Brendan to meet with Bill Ritchie.
Would need common grazings – could be issue with potential deer farm/stalking.
Further discussion to be held at Working Group meeting.
10. Business Plan
JT presented outline business plan. Sections requiring specific areas of expertise will be written by those with that knowledge.
Action: Vision Statement to be produced.
Action: JT to request sections.
11. Clarification of Working Groups
Membership of working groups is not specific to Biz or Foundation. Working group members don’t have to be directors or staff, but will ultimately be answerable to Assynt Foundation. Members are accepted from wider community according to relevent experience and expertise.
Working Groups as follows:
Lodge: SC, JM, HS, CS
Deer Management/Land Management/Ecology: Should they be combined to an umbrella land management group? Discussion ensued. Concerns raised that not enough deer management experts on group – another required.
Action: Local person who previously offered deer management expertise to be taken on.
Possible group comprising: JC, BOH, AS, CB and others as appropriate.
Group needs to be balanced.
Ledbeg: DR, SC, JT, BOH, AV, M?
Ongoing – may split into Ledbeg House/Land groups.
Arts: CS, NG, FS
Others as appropriate.
Housing: JT, DR, CS, NG
Action: Jane to pull out all old housing working papers and review.
Action: Helen to ascertain whether Manse is to be sold (Church of Scotland)
Hydro: SH at present.
Action: ALL SUBGROUPS to prepare individual Terms of Reference for next board meeting.
12. AOCB:
-JT to update Directors induction pack.
-Gordon Sleight requested permission to dig under the Ledbeg Stone during July, Aug, September 2013, and at Cnocnaneach.
Permission granted up until 16 September only.
13. Date of next meeting: 13 June 2013. Venue TBC.
Meeting ended: 7.30pm