Board Meetings

Board Meeting July 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Biz Ltd
11th July 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver

Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Nigel Goldie (NG), Davy Robb (DR), Clive Sheppard (CS), Helen Steven (Minutes) (HS)

In Attendance: Sarah Corkish (SC), Adam Pellant (AP)

Apologies: Jeanette McCarthy (JM), Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Andy Summers (AS), Jane Tulloch (JT), John Cullen (JC)

The meeting began at 5.15p.m.

Declarations of interest: None

Minutes of last meeting: Approved

Action points:
• Purchasing: It was agreed that emergency purchasing decisions can be authorised by employees up to a limit of £500 as long as 2 staff members agree, of whom one must be SC or AP. This applies to both AF and Biz.
• Boiler Maintenance: AP has not yet contacted CES about training in boiler maintenance. Advice is needed on the extent to which sawdust / shavings etc. can be used in the wood-chip boiler. Burning must be monitored. Having our own wood chipping facility was also discussed.
1. DR to check out what the boiler can burn.
2. No more sawdust/waste wood to be put in the hopper.
3. SC to authorise the switching on or off of the boiler.
4. DR to outline a plan for wood-chipping and approach CES for funding, and/or to look for a local contractor to do the chipping.
5. Financial Report. AP presented the financial report for the month. Of note: Third argo now purchased. Lodge income for May/June approx on budget.
Action: AP to do a fuel comparison with last year’s budget and more info/breakdown needed for the ‘miscellaneous’ section.

Hydro Update: SH reported that with the advice of CES questions have been put to SSE, who haven’t yet responded.
1. SH to ask CES to write a formal letter to AF outlining the amount of public money already spent on this project. This letter then to be sent on to SSE with a request for a face-to-face meeting.
2. Agreed not to pursue the smaller Glencanisp scheme.
3. Possibility of re-visiting to find a scheme closer to the grid.
4. AP to ask Stephen Lockhart for local electricity usage figures.

Lodge Report. SC reported good progress on the Lodge with an encouraging number of bookings coming in for next year.
• SC to get a quote for an extra banister rail from builders
• Local artists’ work is to be displayed in the Lodge at a charge of 20% commission
• Agreed that more hours of gardening time can be offered for the upkeep of the grounds.
• Sat 17th August Open Day at the Lodge

Stalking: This was given by SC in John Cullen’s absence. The season has now started and John Venters has now started work as a ghillie.
• AP to talk with Sharon Bartram about funding
• Discussion of Deer Farm to be held later with JC and BOH

AOB: None

The meeting ended at 6.10p.m.