Board Meetings

Board Meeting August 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting of the Assynt Foundation
15 August June 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Clive Sheppard (CS), Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Jeanette McCarthy (JM), Nigel Goldie (NG), Andy Summers (AS)
In attendance: Jane Tulloch (JT)
2. Apologies:
Fergus Stewart (FS), Adam Pellant (AP), Sarah Corkish (SC), John Cullen (JC)
An in-camera meeting was held first.
Meeting began 6pm
3. Declarations of Interest
4. Grazing Leases
The owner of a property near Drumrunie has asked for a small grazing section which they will fence at their own expense. Discussion took place and a decision was made to offer a 12-month rolling lease.
Action: JM to make up template lease.
Action: JT to speak to DTAS re standard lease.
Ledbeg Grazing: Agreed to offer 18 month lease with clause regarding developments by AF.
Action: JM to make up template lease.
BOH reported on subgroup visit to Balmacara. Crofting investigations ongoing. Discussion took place about options for best use of that area of ground.
Action: BOH to send community consultation on crofting.
JT gave report on Highland Small Communities Housing Trust options for Ledbeg House.
Action: JT to apply for HSCHT selection.
5. Forest Plan
AS updated. FP now needs to be finalised via scoping. Discussion on options took place.
Decision/Action: AS to approach AP to finalise plan. BOH wishes to be involved.
AS to draft scope of work.
CS requested approval to continue discussions on natural regenerative fencing for estate. Granted.
6. HIE
Lengthy meeting held with HIE on Monday 12 August and accountant from A9 Consultants provided by HIE. Accountant also met with staff and others. Plan to produce first cut of report in four weeks with final version in six weeks. Meeting with Roy Kirk and Hugh Donaldson of HIE followed. Discussions took place re capital funding of projects that will save/generate money. Marketing consultants to be provided to assist with lodge marketing. Wood and timber options discussed.
7. Log Building Update
Notes: VAT issue – may be able to seek help/advice from John Thurso or A9 Consultants.
Can now claim BLF money towards prefabricated element as well as previously agreed pre-construction spend.
Action: AP to send claims to BLF and HIE.
Action: NG to contact Murray Marshall at RBS re loan.
Discussion about what to do with firewood and timber took place. Also windblow etc.
Timber for estate already in process of being set aside.
Action: NG to speak to one of our log building contractors about a proposal for use of timber.
8. Minutes of Last Meeting
Reply received from John Thurso summarising discussions with SH. SH will keep him up to date.
Proposed: BOH, Seconded: CS. Minutes approved.
9. Actions and Matters Arising from Minutes of Last Meeting
Electricity – work ongoing assessing all supplies at Glencanisp.
Action: JT to write report for Property Management Subgroup (comprising SH, HS, JM, SC).
Terms of Reference: JT to send TOR template to JM
Leases: Ongoing. JM to complete.
10. Financial Report
As circulated by Adam. Notes: Query £4,100 naked acres credit so far.
11. Business Plan
On hold until after report received from A9 consultants.
12. AOCB
AS reported on CALL HLF assessors’ successful visit to lodge.
Meeting ended 7.45pm.
Date of next meeting: 12 September 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, 5pm.