Board Meetings

Board Meeting October 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting of the Assynt Foundation
15 October 2013, Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Clive Sheppard (CS), Jeanette McCarthy (JM), Nigel Goldie (NG), Helen Steven, Minutes (HS)
In attendance: Adam Pellant (AP), Sarah Corkish (SC)
2. Apologies: Andy Summers (AS), Jane Tulloch (JT)
3. Declarations of Interest
4. Minutes of Last Meeting
Proposed: JM, Seconded: HS. Minutes adopted.
5. Actions and Matters Arising
• Acreage – terms of lease agreed. Stock on the land. Some paperwork to be finalised.
• Electricity supply. Has been checked by a qualified electrician. There will be a future issue over the level of supply to the new arts building.
• Helicopter payment. SC has processed invoices for voluntary contributions from JMT and SWT towards helicopter firefighting cost.
• Log Building. NG reported that building is progressing well. Question of VAT still outstanding. SH to contact John Thurso. Approach being made to the local community for ideas for community use of the buildings, also a request for volunteers to help with turf-cutting for the roof. NG looking into possible use of timber off-cuts. SH to meet with clarify use and management
• Forest Plan. AS and AP have the scoping documents, awaiting final approval from Forestry Commission. Agreed to send out the documents as draft to invitees along with invitation to scoping meeting, ASAP, for meeting next tuesday. Forestry Commission are to chair. [Since meeting, Forestry Commission requested changes to documents, so meeting was postponed to Tuesday 5th November to allow sufficient notice to be given.]
• There is a boundary question at Linneraineach to be resolved. JM and SH to clear it up.
6. Half yearly Review and Financial Report. Need to address financial situation stressed and recommendations to be brought to the next meeting for discussion. BOH to look into a land plan for Drumrunie and discuss with planners.
• Crofting sub-group has looked at possible croft sites
• Agreed to provide Community Land Scotland with information regarding the estate/finances should they want it for CLS data collection and report.
• NG and HS are to consider ways of improving communication with local people and the membership.
8. Date and place of next meeting Thursday 14th November, 4pm, Community Room, Lochinver.