Board Meetings

Board Meeting February 2014

Minutes of Assynt Foundation board meeting 14th February 2014
Glencanisp Lodge
Meeting Began 4pm

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Nigel Goldie, Jeanette McCarthy
In Attendance: Jane Tulloch, Sarah Corkish, Adam Pellant
2. Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Helen Steven, Andy Summers
3. Declarations of Interest: None.
4. Appointment of Office-Bearers:
Chairperson: Stewart Hill, proposed by Jeanette, seconded by Nigel. Agreed.
Vice-chairperson: Nigel Goldie, proposed by Stewart, seconded by Jeanette. Agreed.
5. Minutes of Last Meeting: Proposed by Jeanette, seconded by Nigel. Approved.
6. Actions and Matters Arising:
6.1 Action consulting with Highland Council Planning over possible housing development at area of Drumrunie Estate (in regard to potential sale of house sites) – Action carried forward: Helen and Brendan.
6.2 RBS overdraft request: We should know if approved on Monday. Action: Nigel to chase up.
6.3 Bank Account signatories: Agreed to put Sarah onto Assynt Foundation signatory list.
6.4 Hydro: Heads of Terms document has now been signed between Assynt Foundation and Gilkes.
6.5 Communications: Invitation to become associate members is to be sent to previous guests. Action: Helen.
6.6 Tree in Memory of Ted Matheson: Discussion of options. Action: Adam to contact Jane Matheson.
6.7 Nominal allocation of SRDP Deer Management grant to AF estate staff salaries, as per annual accounts, accepted.
6.8 AF/Biz inter-company Loan Agreement drafted by Adam. Action: Stewart to look over.
6.9 Vehicle Log Books: Agreed not to progress.
6.10 Log Buildings: Charge levels for studio of £25 per half day, £50 per day, £100 per weekend, £200 per Mon-Fri week, £800 per month, with reduction for unfunded local groups, agreed, with review after 6 months. Costs to be worked out on ongoing basis.
6.11 Staff Salary grant: Action: Adam to investigate further salary grant from Robertson Trust, and Highland Council.
7. Financial Report
7.1 No updated monthly actuals presented. Action: Adam to send round. Cashflow very tight. Recent ERDF log building claim for around £16,000 delayed. Action: Adam to chase up.
7.2 Options for receiving card payments discussed. Sarah recommended RBS version 2. Action: Jeanette to pass on details of another option.
8. A. Biz (Board Composition)
Agreed to remove A.Biz directors who are no longer actively serving, and to seek new directors for A.Biz.
9. Communications
9.1 Minutes and reports discussed. Agreed as at last meeting, news summary to go in Assynt News, full public versions of minutes and associated reports to go out on website and by email.
9.2 6-monthly review for AF members/community to be held in October at Village Hall / Community Room. Action: All to start considering dates.
9.3 Discussion of AGM turnout and ways to improve on this. Helen has written letter to go to local members to encourage them to recruit other local members. Also will include request for email addresses and invitation to log buildings opening event in April. Action: Stewart to forward Helen’s letter to board, and Jane to do envelope addressing, one per household to local members.
9.4 Meetings elsewhere: Suggested Drumbeg in May and Elphin in June, perhaps.
10. Away Day (A9 report & Marketing Report)
Day away for directors, partly with staff, is suggested by HIE to discuss matters arising from recent Lodge Report and A9 Financial Report, and to inform future Business Plan. (5 year budget has also been drafted.) All present in favour. A Tuesday or Thursday in April is preferred.
11. New Directors
New directors are to be sought.
12. Sub-Groups
Agreed for Nigel to continue planning for a Grounds Restoration Project to improve the state and appearance of the grounds at Glencanisp. Action: Nigel.
Lodge Sub-Group is now Helen, Jeanette, Jane and Sarah.
13. Log Building Update (Nigel)
Nigel presented written report, including summary of above Grounds Restoration Project. Some work still required including floor work for pole barn, and services connection for both buildings (drainage, water and electricity). Carbonlite aim to finish inside studio by end of Feb, then will put in final staged invoice. (Invoicing for VAT amounts on previous payments may be later.)
Timber use and clear-up discussed, including possible use of local person’s horse for moving timber.
It was noted that grounds near lodge MUST be cleared within 10 weeks, given coming lodge bookings. Action: Nigel to progress.
No response yet from BLF on request for extra grant. Action: Adam to chase up.
14. Peat Bog Restoration & Diver Hide
14.1 Project ongoing. Andy not present.
14.2 Discussion of certificated argocat-driving qualification, for John Venters and possibly Stuart Belshaw. John Venters to be priority for this.
15. Date of Next Meeting
Next Meeting: 5pm Thursday 13th March.
Meeting ended 8.30pm.