Board Meetings

Board Meeting March 2014

Minutes of Board Meeting of the Assynt Foundation
13 March 2014, Glencanisp Lodge

1.Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Nigel Goldie, Vice Chair (NG), Helen Steven (HS), Andy Summers (AS), Jeanette McCarthy (JM)
In attendance: Jane Tulloch, Minutes (JT), Sarah Corkish (SC), Alex Dickson (AD).
Meeting began 4.55pm.
2. Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan
3. Declarations of interest: JT laundry re: water rates.
4. Minutes of last meeting: Proposed: JM, Seconded: NG. Minutes approved.
5. Actions and Matters Arising
Ted’s Tree – Adam unable to contact JM. Action: AP to try her at Lochinver School.
Staff salary grant: Adam putting proposal to Robertson Trust.
Card payments: Decision to go with RBS for system taking card payments. Needs to be set up by director. Action: SC to email info to JM.
6. Financial Report and Budget Y14/15
Notes: Thanks given to Sarah and Adam for managing cash at a difficult time.
SIS Loan payment ‘holiday’ now over, payments restart at end of March.
Budget for 14/15 approved by board.
7. A9 Report
The A9 (Part 2) report was discussed. It is noted that there are incidences of errors and inconsistencies within this report – some fundamental. Concern now is how the report is to be used. It was felt that our position must be noted and comments recorded.
Action: SH to phone Hughie Donaldson, HIE, to highlight concerns. SH to email key page numbers of report to directors.
8. The Bothy
Proposal has been received to renovate the Bothy in return for accommodation in it for a month. Action: NG to get in touch with applicants, request more info and arrange meeting with himself and JM to discuss possible tenancy arrangements – potentially three months extending to six but on the proviso that AF wishes to use it as staff accommodation long term and probably by the winter of 14/15.
9. Away Day
SH and NG had conference call with HIE (H Donaldson) and PA Consultants (facilitators of away day). PAC have requested a meeting in Lochinver the night before (23 April) to outline the structure of the day and process etc. Discussion whether to invite members and/or representatives from other local organisations. Decision: staff and directors only and agreement to meet the night before, in Lochinver, for a briefing by PA on the format for the next day.
10. Water Charges
Property leases specify tenants responsible for own water charges. Decision made to charge 90% of individual property rate according to Council Tax Band as published by Highland Council.
Action: SC to inform tenants and organise payments.
11. Assynt.Biz Loan Agreement
Loan agreement between Biz and AF in process of being regularised/legalised, at a rate of 6.5% interest.
12. Log Building Update (Nigel)
See reports at appendix.
Decision: AF will honour current contracted liabilities of £31,285 plus £4,158 to achieve completion certificate but accept no further work. Must now pursue funders and reduce costs.
Clearance and Restoration (see report).
Action: NG to organise volunteer day.
Deer pit: Too near log building. Will be backfilled following end of Out Of Season cull within two weeks.
Action: JT to ask JC to make suggestion for location of new pit, or alternatively investigate costs of uplift. Could tie in with recommendation on carcass by-products.
13. Entertainment Licence
SC looked into getting licence for AF. Would require personal licence holder. Entertainment licence covers alcohol sales also. Would require comprehensive public liability cover, risk assessments, etc. Possibility of applying for individual event licences.
Action: JM to investigate, helped by AD.
14. AOCB
Draft IT report now received from consultants engaged by HIE, with recommendations. HIE likely to fund capital aspects.
Diver project: John V now has Argo licence.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 1 May, 5pm (Biz), 6pm (AF). Planned to hold in Drumbeg Community Hall subject to availability. Action: Helen to book Drumbeg Hall.
Action: JT to publicise meeting.
Meeting ended 7.15pm.