Board Meetings

Board Meeting June 2014

Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
11 June 2014
Elphin Community Hall

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Nigel Goldie (NG), Helen Steven (HS), Andy Summers (AS).
In Attendance: Jane Tulloch (JT), Adam Pellant (AP).
2. Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Jeanette McCarthy (JM)
Meeting started 5.20pm.
3. Declarations of Interest: None
4. Minutes of Last Meeting: Proposed: NG, Seconded: SH. Minutes adopted.
5. Actions and Matters Arising
• Ted's Tree: HS spoke to Jane Matheson. Tree chosen, to be planted in October. Action: JT to identify site for tree. AP to source tree. HS and JT to organise tree planting in October.
• RBS card payments: Now sent to JM. Action: JM and SC to liaise next week to finalise.
• IT report: SH to send round. JM has identified items for implementation and sent to consultant for costings.
• Trials bikes: Plans and documentation circulated. Directors anticipate that they will be told by Duncan Hutchison of any forthcoming events. Impact of trials bikes being monitored.
• Boat and digger: ongoing. Action: Adam to draft letter to the boat owner to determine proposals to move it off site.
• Woodland grant scheme: to be discussed next month
• Website: AP to put minutes on website. Websites to be agenda item next month.
6. Financial Report
See AP’s report forwarded prior to meeting.
Notes: SC to identify whether JMT Hide money has come in.
7. Ledbeg House
Board have taken decision to offer Ledbeg House for sale. Sale of house and immediate garden grounds only – plot (not farm). Agreed that the sale should be such that it satisfies the social objectives of AF and other processes need to be undertaken to obtain the necessary authorisations etc before sale. AP to investigate authorisations required. Action: JM to write piece for Assynt News, Bratach, Ullapool News stating intention and inviting registrations of interest.
8. Tin Bothy
Decision taken to explore using Tin Bothy solely as storage, therefore investigate exemption from Council Tax. NG has had a further approach for Cnocnaneach. Decision taken not to sell Cnocnaneach. Tin Bothy to be offered for rental instead. Action: NG to progress.
9. Away Day Action Sheets
Action: SH and AP to put some numbers together to look at loan repayment holiday/other options/ benefits.
Away Day Actions: See separate sheets by email.
10. Woodland Grant Scheme
BOH forwarded info to Gail. Site visit to take place. AS believes it is satisfactory.
11. Log Building Update
Carbonlite on site next week to finish. Cowan Plant to build disability ramp by means of landscaping. Joinery skill required for balustrades, etc (or alternatively raise ground). Drainage, finishing works etc could be done by Stuart Belshaw. Admin and management of studio and pole barn to be discussed/decided. Imperative to stay within currently agreed costs. Will require rates exemption after completion. Need for power supply to pole barn.

12. Entertainment Licence
JM currently submitting.

7. Pottery Studio
The board is agreeable to Fergus building a new kiln on site behind Tin Bothy. Action: JM to write a side letter addition to his current lease to show site for kiln. Safety and security of site will be Fergus’ responsibility. (AS absent from this item.)

13. AOCB
BOH attended woodland and deer subgroup meetings. BOH to give feedback at next meeting. BOH also talked to Eisg Brachaidh owners about deer movement between estates. BOH to progress formal contact with neighbours.
JMT volunteers have been continuing pathworks on Suilven path.
Wildflower Week this week.
AS suggested visitors to spot eagles would come if deer carcass put up over winter. Action: AS speak to JC.
14. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 10 July, Glencanisp Studio Building.