Board Meetings

Board Meeting July 2014

Assynt Foundation
Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
10th July 2014

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Chair (SH), Nigel Goldie (NG), Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Jeanette McCarthy (JM),
In Attendance: Jane Tulloch (JT),Ken Hamilton (KH)
2. Apologies: Helen Steven, Andy Summers.
Meeting started 6pm.
3. Declarations of Interest: None.
4. Minutes of Last Meeting: (Minutes of June meeting not approved until the August meeting.)
5. Actions and Matters Arising
Teds tree: acquired, potted, site agreed. Action: HS to arrange ceremony.
Card payments: Worldpay terminal received. Action: JT to set up and make dummy payment.
IT report: SH sent round. Completed.
Boat owner : Draft letter now with SH for action.
Minutes on website: AP ongoing.
Notice re Ledbeg House: JM completed. Action: JM to send round to all.
Progression on tin bothy: see later discussion
Deer movements/contact with neighbours: BOH ongoing.
Deer carcass out for eagles: agreed with John Cullen.
Addition to Fergus’ lease re kiln: JM completed.
Repayment holiday: Discussed. Suggested from end September to end of financial year. Decision to be taken at Aug/Sept meeting.
6. Financial Report
Addressed in Biz meeting. Revised budget figures agreed, showing both companies worse off at end of financial year.
7.Ledbeg House
JM to draft “For Sale” notice agreed. To be advertised in Assynt & Ullapool News and Am Bratch. Action JM
8. Tin Bothy
Application received to use tin bothy as a woodworking workshop. This may give rise to noise and mess. Long lease requested by the applicant. This to be clarified. Decision: Go back and discuss with applicants explaining restrictions re above. Action: NG and SH to meet applicants in early August.
9. Away Day Action Sheets
On hold until feedback from KH. Actions: See notes from SH.
Note: Action for SOP’s to HS.
10. Wind Farm
The Board had received a Memorandum Of Understanding from Muirhall Energy Ltd. with regard to a proposed wind farm at Oykel Bridge. As the proposed wind farm is outside of the Parish of Assynt and the issue was likely to be contentious within the community the Directors decided that it was not appropriate to sign the MOU and that the matter should be left to the Planning Authority to determine.
11. Log Building Update
Building control not yet signed off. Work still to be completed. Action: Stuart Belshaw to complete some of the finishing works.
Arts building activities would be handled via A Biz accounts. Action: NG to produce note re business model for Assynt Arts at Glencanisp for next meeting.
12. Workshop Space
Application had been received from a local person to erect a small wood-built structure for woodworking activities. He has been asked to set something out on paper and submit. AF requires policy decision re this type of application.
Local B&B owners have requested use of timber. Options to be considered re prices for selling, in the region of £300 per cubic metre. Action: Stuart to move all usable wood to pole barn and tie down.
13. Lodge Website
NH spoke to website builder, who has finished contract and has no further time. Important to sort out management of site and get calendar updated. Also require mailchimp accounts to be reactivated and developed – CALL intern may be able to help.
Action: JT and NG to progress.
15. AOCB
KH met with HIE. KH keen to understand culture of AF to help with his review.
BOH attended CALL meeting – to be on next agenda.
Crofting – see Brendan’s notes.
16. Date and Place of Next Meeting:
August: Wednesday 6 August, Arts Studio
September: Wednesday 3 September, Arts Studio.
Meeting ended: 8.30pm