Board Meetings

Board Meeting 26th April 07

1 Apologies Peter Hardwick, Ailsa Spindler

2 Minute of meeting 22nd March 2007 Proposed Ted Matheson; seconded Davy Robb.

3 Matters arising –
3.1 Leaflet: Mick has passed his draft leaflet onto the publishing team at JMT, who
have improved the look of it.
3.2 Housing: The minister has given verbal permission for upgrade of the road through the Glebe. Ronnie MacRae is happy to progress on to beginning the feasibility study on this basis.
3.3 Lodge cooker: Awaiting pick-up. Action: Davy to look into possible pick-up arrangement.
3.4 JMT work party: They will be coming next weekend – Friday to Monday inclusive; half on Quinag, and half on AF estate. Possibility of building bridge on south side of Loch Assynt.
3.5 Kayaks: Boats should be here in a fortnight. Storage, and means of transport once here, to be arranged, but no difficulties expected (kayaks can be stored outside upside-down if need be, and are fairly light for moving.)

4 Development Manager’s Report
4.1 Davy and Robbie met with Bob Garrow asking him for more information and options for water treatment systems. We are looking for funding for an environmentally friendly effluent system. Ongoing.
4.2 CKD Galbraith: We have a register of interest on Inveruplan. Going on not having heard from the Executive, we are assuming for now that no community right to buy exists in this case, as the sale / transfer may count as being within a single company.
4.3 Aberdeen renewables conference. Nobody is available to attend.
4.4 Compulsory purchase request by Scottish Water. Action: Bill and Patricia R have offered to pursue this. Davy to find relevant files and forward to them.

5 Project Officer’s Report
Trials bikes: A request for permission for trials biking around Crocnaneach: Agreed in principle that it’s a good idea, providing close monitoring and managing.
A more detailed plan requested.
Path up to Crocnaneach may need upgrading anyway, for other possible ventures.

6 Finance uncommitted funds are still in the ‘stable’ bracket. AF, because working from grants, has no real leeway. has passed on its profits to AF holding back an amount to cover its likely expenses over the course of this financial year.

7 Land management
7.1 Tubeg: A draft plan has been drawn up, aiming to increase work on this area on the south side of Loch Assynt, allowing woodlands to expand, as part of our commitments to the Tubney Charitable Trust. Controlled muirburn has been carried out, following the Muirburn Code. The plan is to increase grass outwith the woods, to encourage deer away from the woods.
The possibility of keeping pigs here, fenced in on the promontory (about 9 hectares), has been investigated. No objections to investigating this further.
7.2 Woodcock: Assynt Field Club committee have written a letter to AF, seeking a reply from directors, voicing their opinion that the shooting of woodcock is incompatible with the aims of AF.
It is suggested that the Field Club be approached to discuss monitoring of bird numbers, with the aim of possibly establishing a figure for a number of woodcock that could be taken sustainably. Action: Approach Ian Evans to suggest a meeting.

8 Renewables
8.1 Thanks to Agnes, Davy, Patricia and others, for helping with the mailing of the information sheet on AF’s proposed wind turbine project being investigated. This has now been sent around Assynt. It can now be put on the website. Action: Adam to pass it on to Martin.
8.2 March open day and meeting: Agreed that in future we make the effort to advertise these things even more extensively.
8.3 Jon Priddy of HICEC has said he is happy to fund a landscape visual assessment.
8.4 One director mentioned as yet unpublished research which he understands will show the North-West Sutherland communities, particularly that of Assynt, are demographically dying and that in fifteen years at this rate, 80% of the population will be over retirement age.

9.1 A request made of Mick by one director that he clarify that a letter in Assynt News from two local members of JMT, concerning the proposed wind turbine project being investigated, did not necessarily represent the views of JMT. Mick happy to do so.
9.2 The next newsletter is aimed to be out end of May. Patricia F-S asks for article writers. Davy suggests that sub-group representatives write articles on the latest from the sub-groups.
9.3 Cottage: Thanks expressed to Robbie for his work.

Meeting closed: 9:00 pm.