Board Meetings

Board Meeting November 2014

Assynt Foundation
Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
13th November 2014

1. Present: Stewart Hill (SH), Nigel Goldie (NG), Helen Steven (HS), Brendan O’Hanrahan (BOH), Jeanette McCarthy (JM). In attendance: Jane Tulloch (JT), Adam Pellant (AP), Alex Dickson. Apologies: KH, AS.
2. Declarations of interest: None.
3. Minutes of last meeting: Proposed: HS, Seconded: BOH. Minutes approved.
4. Actions and matters arising
Accountant: Adam has identified potential source of funding (Express Fund) for accountant work in setting up new accountancy software. Action: AP begin application.
Crofting/grazing: Tiliathdoire grazing lease renewal is due. Lessee’s proposal for croft creation to be considered further. Action: BOH to write letter to lessee.
Away day list: Action: SH to consolidate and send to JT.
Local person business venture: Negotiations progressing. Now a specific area in mind for workshop. NG will continue discussions.
Gardeners Cottage: Agreed to lease GC to John Venters having received formal letter.
5. Finance report and project update
See report from KH and from AP.
Grant income budgeted not yet in - less and later than expected. ERDF claim to go in now but will take some time.
6. Ledbeg House Sale
LBH sale now clear to go ahead. JM to lead on this. Discussions as to how to progress to sale. Decisions to be made on any ground to go with it. Decision made to give priority to those who have so far expressed interest in purchasing. Action: JM speak to lawyer re progressing this. Action: JM and BOH to mark out boundary. Any further ground to be dealt with separately if required.
7. Celebrating 10 years
Plan to host event celebrating 10 years of AF. Subgroup set up with HS as Chair. Action: HS to co-opt people on to subgroup. Action: HS to consult flip chart of ideas from AGM.
Action: JT to look at lodge dates for this period.
8. Away day action sheets
Ongoing Action: SH to consolidate into single list.
9. New directors
A few suggestions put forward. One potential person coming to sit in on next meeting. Board members will approach potential new directors.
10. Land use on the estate
Directors walked grounds. Discussion of chosen Arts Bothy location. Site agreed. Unfortunately it is near current deer pit. Several old deer pits are also around that area. Discussion required for more long term deer pit plans. Action: BOH to discuss with JC and JV.
Proposed ‘clearup day.’ Action: NG and SH to speak to Charlie Cowan.
Volunteers: Action: NG to compile list of tasks for volunteers.
Action: HS to accept Claire Belshaw’s offer of regular pieces in Assynt News.
Wood/kindling: Action: JT ask SB to make firewood kindling for lodge.
Grid references: BOH has these references and will get tiles if possible.
11. AOCB
Drumrunie plantation: Forestry Commission paid site visit. Positive about constructive improvements. Still deer to be removed by end of season. Action: BOH to speak to JC. Section 7: Under target for stags. Need to work at hind cull for Drumrunie now. Restricted Veyatie access raised problems again.
CALL update: Woodland Trust money enabling CALL to do surveys. Other projects ongoing.
AS attended Inchnadamph/Achmore forestry scoping meeting.
Walled Garden: Clive & Laurence Sheppard have vacated walled garden. Ad has been put in AN.
Local plan: Action: SH to draft response letter to HC and circulate to board.
Grazing lease: Action: JM to draft lease.
Diver hide: to be delivered Monday 1 December.
Staff Xmas lunch: either 16 or 17 December.
11. Date of Next Meeting: 11 December 2014, Arts Studio. Following from that: 8 January 2015.