Board Meetings

Board Meeting January 2015

Assynt Foundation
Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
8 January 2015
Assynt Arts Studio, Glencanisp

1. Present: Stewart Hill, Nigel Goldie, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Jeanette McCarthy, Andy Summers. In attendance: Adam Pellant, Jane Tulloch. Apologies: Helen Steven, Ken Hamilton.
2. Declarations of interest: None
3. Minutes of last meeting: Proposed: JM, Seconded: AS. Minutes approved.
4. Actions and matters arising
Express Fund: application for grant to fund improved accountancy software in process.
Away day actions list: ongoing.
Ledbeg House sale: Letter sent to interested parties. Deadline to be set (23 January) then estate agent to be engaged.
Decision on boundary for sale: done.
10th anniversary subgroup: members suggested. Ongoing.
Volunteer ideas: See HS report.
Site clear-up/volunteers: NG ongoing.
Assynt News: Bill Ritchie / Claire Belshaw help offers progressing.
Drumrunie Plantation: discussions taken place about deer damage reduction for Woodland Grant Scheme closure.
HC Local Plan consultation period: ongoing.
HC budget proposals consultation period: ongoing.
Drumrunie grazing lease: done.
5. Finance report and Year End Audit
See KH’s / AP’s report.
Year End Audit: See AP report.
6. Ledbeg House Sale – See item 4.
7. Celebrating 10 years – Further discussions took place. See Helen’s report.
8. Away day action sheets – Ongoing.
9. New directors – A few suggestions put forward. Board members will approach potential new directors.
10. Sporting Rates – stalking estate business rates consultation for draft bill – Decision: keep watching progress of the draft bill. Felt likely that a charity exemption would be possible if law does change.
11. Arts Bothy – NG: The Bothy Project has applied for funding for their Pig Rock bothy initiative to be located at Glencanisp. Decision will be given in 10 weeks.
12. AOCB
13. Date of Next Meeting: 12 February, 12 March following.