Board Meetings

Board Meeting February 2015

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
5pm, 8 January 2015, Glencanisp Studio, Lochinver

1. Present: Nigel Goldie (chaired the meeting), Brendan O’Hanrahan, Jeanette McCarthy, Andy Summers, Helen Steven. In attendance: Adam Pellant, Jane Tulloch. Apologies: Stewart Hill.
2. Declarations of interest: None.
3. Minutes of last meeting: Proposed: Helen, Seconded: Andy. Minutes approved.

4. Actions and matters arising
Express Fund: Application for £2,000 grant to fund improved accountancy software was submitted, awaiting a decision.
Drumrunie Plantation: No further response from FCS on deer damage reduction for Woodland Grant Scheme closure.
HC Local Plan consultation period: Deadline for comments has passed.
HC budget proposals consultation period: Deadline for comments has passed.
New Directors: Two people newly approached by Helen, both seemingly willing. Action: Stewart to contact them.
Stalking estate business rates consultation for draft bill: Await outcome.

5. Finances
Draft Budget for 15/16 FY was discussed. (Andy absent from this item as covered earlier during Biz meeting.) Expected HIE funding would help the tight cashflow situation (see below.)
See Ken’s report.

1. HIE Meeting
Nigel updated on HIE meeting held in Inverness with Stewart, Nigel and accountant Ken Hamilton and HIE representatives. It is hoped that grant will be provided towards specific core costs. Stewart has given HIE a costed list of items which grant is requested towards. Awaiting response.
HIE also suggested likely support including funding for business/social developments, funding a full study / civil engineer’s report of the unadopted Glencanisp Road to ascertain works needed and costs expected, and funding costs of 10th anniversary celebrations.
Brendan suggested affordable housing, including addressing the lack of any progress from Church of Scotland on road issue, and venison processing, as other possible area for which HIE help could be sought.

2. Ledbeg House
Jeanette reported. Advice from estate agent is that a Home Report is after all required, even for our invitation for offers so far. A surveyor will do this for the estate agent. Visit for report should be next week, with the report hoped to follow the week after. This will include an updated valuation. [Report was delayed by surveyor but draft report is now believed to have been completed. AP 25/3/15.]

3. Business Plan
Agreed that work be put into creating updated Business Plan, based in first instance on Stewart’s recent document for HIE. Various individuals agreed to write drafts for sections, including Jane for Lodge and Helen for Community. Intended that Business Plan will have a timed programme of actions, and will exist alongside a future updated estate management plan. Action: Jane, Helen, and others write draft sections for next board meeting.

4. Celebrating 10 years – Action: Helen to put together package for HIE funding.
5. Veyatie Access – Vehicle access through gate in track is now allowed over Bulmer’s ground towards Loch Veyatie. A draft access agreement may be forthcoming, and we may need to contribute to legal fees associated with it.
6. Arts Bothy
Creative Scotland decision on Bothy Project’s grant application expected in early April. Probable arrangement is that the bothy will be used by Bothy Project for some weeks, and other weeks we would be able to advertise for hire, as an income source. Arrangement for any splitting up of running costs and management duties not yet decided.
7. CALLP Project Briefs
Suilven Path – JMT have offered a proportion of their footpath officer’s time for managing this project. Actual pathwork is intended to happen in summer (2016 or 2017) outside stalking season. CALLP’s new executive group have met. The agreement documents for that and the wider partnership will be checked by a solicitor. AF may want to run them past their own solicitor too.
13. AOCB
Forest Plan: Scoping Report now sent out to FCS and scoping participants for any further comments. Meeting to discuss draft Forest Plan on Wednesday. Earliest Plan can be signed off by FCS is June, meaning earliest we will get grant is July (dependent on grant variation being approved). Hope to get draft Plan to FCS this month.

14. Meeting finished 7.30pm. Date of Next Meeting: 12 March.