Board Meetings

Board Meeting April 2015

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting
5pm, 16 April 2015, Glencanisp Studio, Lochinver

1. Present/in attendance/apologies
Present at meeting: Stewart Hill, Nigel Goldie, Helen Steven, Brendan O'Hanrahan, Jeanette McCarthy
In attendance at meeting: Jane Tulloch.
Apologies: Adam, Ken, Andy
2. Declarations of interest: Helen Steven – walled garden.
3. Minutes of last meeting
Proposed: Nigel; seconded: Brendan. Minutes approved.
4. Actions and matters arising
New Directors: Several discussed. Action: JM to speak to one possible new director.
Business Plan: Actions: ongoing: Helen, Jane and others still to email sections. Action: SH to forward 5 Year Plan and description of requirements.
AGM: booking and notices – completed.
CALL Post interviews – completed.
Celebrating 10 Years – See Helen Steven’s report.
Timber Clearance event – See Nigel’s report
Walled Garden – advertisement placed.
Arts Bothy/Deer Pit: Action: Brendan to meet with John Cullen to progress.
Pole Barn Floor: Layout agreed.

5. Finances
See Ken’s/Adam’s report.
Payment Procedures: Agreed to go through Ken/Stewart.
6. HIE Support and Foundation Commitments
SH met with HIE last week. They have offered £27k working capital, plus IT and accounts package costs. SH has set criteria for reporting back to HIE – terms agreed. Half year review and balance sheet to be presented in September.
IT system to be in by June. SH will sign legal document when arrives. Recognition that lodge is critical: Action: SH/Adam to set up matrix/KPI’s. Review of lodge to take place in 2-3 months. HIE particularly interested in community engagement. Action: Nigel and Helen to put report together. Action: SH to start informal discussions.
Road: HIE willing to look at – costing to be produced by consultant.
7. Ledbeg House Sale
The previous offered received has now been rescinded following a Home Report. The property will now go on the open market.
8. Business Plan/Cranfield Trust
Adam had discussions with Cranfield Trust who may provide a mentor to go over draft and advise. Robertson Trust to pick up expenses.
9. AGM: Plan to get through formal business quickly and then raise some issues that may be controversial, e.g. the sale of Cnocnaneach, changing of memberships/Mems & Arts.
10. CALL: BOH to meet with JC to discuss. Note for minute: happy to use mechanical means on path repairs.
11. Celebrating 10 Years
Helen outlined the provisional programme of meetings and events, together with a preliminary brochure.
12. Stalking Season Review
BOH has a meeting with John next week.
13. Arts Bothy
See Nigel’s report
14. LEADER funding – ongoing
15. New Directors – see previously
16. Clearance Party – see Nigel’s report.
17. Away Day Action Sheets: Agreed not to continue.
18. Fishing Boats on School Loch: Meeting to be held with Assynt Angling Association .
19. AOCB – parking next agenda
Nigel has cleaned out Boat House. Action: Nigel to get costs for painting etc.
Jane requested agreement to purchase 2 pulleys and a length of kitchen counter from AF. Price agreed.

Meeting finished 8.30pm. Date of Next Meeting: 16th May, Glencanisp.