Board Meetings

Board Meeting June 2015

Minutes of Board Meeting of the Assynt Foundation
6pm, 11 June 2015, at Stoer Village Hall

Meeting started 6.10pm.
Present: Stewart Hill (Chair), Jeanette McCarthy, Nigel Goldie, Helen Simpson,
In attendance: Ken Hamilton, Helen Steven
Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan
Minutes of Last Meeting: Accepted as a record subject to amendments.
Matters Arising
• Ledbeg House: It was agreed to accept the surveyor’s recommended boundary with flexibility with regard to agreed increase in land area. The solicitors are to be contacted – Action: JM.
• Executive Officer’s Job Description was circulated (re possible future position which HIE may fund). Comments to SH by 19 June.
• A letter to MSPs giving a progress update was also circulated for comment.
• VAT surcharge to be appealed. Action: KH.
• Entertainment and liquor license still waiting for premises sign off for Arts Studio. To be progressed.
• Draft Business Plan. Additions on community engagement to be incorporated.
Financial Report
KH reported. SH is meeting Peter Guthrie of HIE next week. A draft P&L format with detailed cost centres was approved.
A grant claim has been submitted to HIE.
It was agreed to seek to arrange an increased overdraft facility in preference to loan. Action: KH/SH.
A new Argo is needed especially as this has health and safety for rescue implications.
Cranfield Trust consultant gave advice re Business Plan. Their suggestions have been forwarded to Robertson Trust. Action: Adam/SH continue dialogue with Robertson Trust.
Options and terms for land lease on grazed land are to be discussed with tenants.
Anniversary Celebrations
• Helen Steven reported on events so far and encouraged participation in the Suilven bonfire. Feis events were good, although some were less well attended than others. Thanks were express to all who gave of their time and talents.
• A leaflet about AF is to be produced with a section for Associate membership to be paid annually by standing order.
• Invitations to go out in the next two weeks. Action: H Steven.
Windblown Timber
Agreement to be made with Richard Pease to clear area. Action: NG.
Insurance: Agreed to lower contents insurance. Action: JM.
Clearance Parties: To be discussed with Richard Pease. Action: NG.
AOB: AGM to be held in October.
Accounts to be audited. Eileen Gardner of SIS to be contacted re full audit requirement – Action: SH.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 9 July, 5pm at Glencanisp.