Board Meetings

Board Meeting July 2015

Draft Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation
5pm, 8 July 2015
Glencanisp Studio, Lochinver

Present: Jeanette McCarthy, Stewart Hill, Nigel Goldie, Helen Steven (following co-option).
In attendance: Jane Tulloch, Ken Hamilton.
Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan.
1. Co-option of Helen Steven: Formal co-option of Helen Steven as a director was agreed and noted.
2. Declarations of interest: none.
3. Minutes of last meeting
Proposed Nigel, seconded Jeanette. Minutes adopted.
4. Actions and matters arising
VAT and PAYE surcharge – nothing back as yet.
RBS loan – awaiting decision 9 July.
Robertson Trust – awaiting decision end of month
SIS – have allowed independent examination instead of full audit.
5. Finance report
See Ken’s reports.
Notes: Forest plan SRDP grant hoped for by December. Pensions – new regs to be discussed.
Payment procedures: Ken to devise.
6. HIE Support
Await response following meeting.
7. Business Plan
Executive Officer to be written into plan. More profit exploration ideas to be written in. ACTION: HS & JM to write a paragraph or two about potential income generation options.
8. Community Engagement
See Nigel’s reports. Noticeboard in Inver Park requires to be moved to a more prominent position and kept up to date. ACTION: JM to organise photos for board. Possible ‘Message of the Month’ in Assynt News discussed.
Celebrations – leaflet has been delegated to Helen. Joint ceilidh on 1st August in village hall. Conference in November – theme ‘sustainability.’
9. CALL Project
£200k required for Suilven path project. To be written into Business Plan. ACTION BOH – also to set out what we get and when, and what cash proposals there are.
Forest plan – Glencanisp area planting scheme details provided, map passed round. John C to be consulted.
10. ongoing
11. Administration Matters
Ledbeg House: Grazing tenant has asked for renewed lease, longer and with more ground. Decision: Keep same lease until we know more about house sale.
Croft/land request: JCM to respond.
Insurance: JCM done.
12. AOB None.
13. Date of next meeting: 13 August, Art Studio. Biz 5pm, AF 6pm.