Board Meetings

Board Meeting August 15

Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation
6pm, 13th August 2015, at Glencanisp Studio

Present: Nigel Goldie (acting chair for this meeting), Helen Steven, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Helen Simpson.
In attendance: Ken Hamilton until end of item 4, Adam Pellant, Vanessa Ling, Alex Dickson from item 5 onwards.
Apologies: Stewart Hill, Jeanette McCarthy.

1. Declarations of interest – none.
2. Minutes of last meeting – Proposed Helen Steven, seconded Nigel. Minutes adopted.
3. Actions and matters arising
VAT surcharge – the smaller surcharge has been refunded following Ken’s approach to HMRC.
RBS loan / overdraft increase – RBS yet to get back to us after information sent.
Robertson Trust – grant application was turned down.
Payment Procedures – Ongoing as Jane on leave. Action: Ken.
4. Finance report
Ken reported. 10k remaining HIE grant expected in September. Ledbeg House sale budgeted at December, but this is highly uncertain.
5. 10 year celebrations
Art competition extended to November to tie in with conference. Conference is now planned for 18-20 November. Actions: Helen, Helen and Brendan.
Joint ceilidh with Culag Woods and Assynt Leisure was very successful. Another is planned for next year.
6. Business Plan
Helen Steven presented sheet of some ideas for income generating projects. Ongoing actions: Jeanette, Stewart and Helen Steven to work up ideas.
Agreed to put ideas for new income generating projects, including camping pods, to members at AGM.
Suggested that for new projects such as camping pods a gradual growth process requiring less initial funding/investment should be considered. Agreed.
7. Community Engagement
Helen Steven presented thoughts – publicity needs improving, including reporting on events after they have occurred. Shortage of fun events, open days etc.
Leaflet – printing has been delayed, and as such there will be no AF stand at Assynt Highland Games. Action: Jeanette. Adam asked to see draft for checking. Action: Helen Steven / Jeanette.
Newsletters also should be re-introduced in future.
Alex Dickson gave critique of both AF and Lodge websites. All agreed they need improving. Action: Adam to make basic textual changes in advance of obtaining better photos, including new testimonials on lodge site, updating info on retreats, studio, blog etc. Brendan to consider how to make wider improvements.
Ongoing action from last month: Jeanette to organise photos for noticeboard.
8. Date of AGM – agreed to aim for Wednesday 28th October.
9. CALL Agreement – Revised doc yet to be circulated by CALL for discussion. To be agreed by mid-September. Also, various information and documents need finalising very soon for all projects.
10. Glencanisp Path – to be decided later whether to go for more expensive path type eligible for SRDP grant.
11. Administrative matters
Ledbeg House – Advertising by estate agent has been delayed due to an error / work backlog caused by a change in their staff. Jeanette has chased it up with them. They advised it would be advertised by end of the day.
Ledbeg Grazing Lease Renewal – Brendan to do map for grazing lease excluding any area to be sold with house. Action: Brendan.
12. AOCB
Lease Proposal – Proposal from Christine Macleod to lease the part of office/garage building previously leased as Laundry, for her to run as a tearoom. Agreed, with agreement that it should be rent free until October, but with electricity paid per usage along with a reasonable charge for water supply.
Forest Plan – a meeting on 2nd October has been arranged with Forestry Commission and SNH to go over Forest Plan.
Romanian exchange visit – Offers of help needed for talks.
Publicity – It was noted that AF was not mentioned/thanked in the publicity for a recent public event at Glencanisp. Agreed in future this be asked for in publicity for such events.

Date of next meeting: 6pm on 10th September, Glencanisp Studio.