Board Meetings

Board Meeting April 2016

Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation
15th April 2016, Glencanisp Office
Draft Minutes
1. Present/ In Attendance/ Apologies
Present: Stewart Hill (Chairperson), Nigel Goldie, Jeanette McCarthy, Vanessa Ling, Brendan O’ Hanrahan
In attendance: Ken Hamilton, Rebecca Macleod, Adam Pellant, Gordon Robertson, John Venters.
Apologies: Helen Simpson
A moment’s silent reflection was observed, in light of the recent death of Helen Steven, who served for many years as a director and previous Chairperson of Assynt Foundation, and who put in much work and enthusiasm in support of the Foundation and the Assynt Community.
2. Minutes of Last meeting
The Minutes were accepted as read. Proposed by Jeanette and seconded by Nigel.
3. Actions and Matters arising
Departmental Budgets – Budgets are in the process of being prepared for each Department and will be available at the next Board Meeting in May (Action Ken)
4. Financial report
Profit and loss account – the expected grant income had been received.
The net annual loss was lower than for the previous year.
KH is on schedule to have the accounts ready for the Auditors in July.
5. Executive Officer Report
• Glencanisp Policies Area Master Plan – Gordon, Brendan and Nigel are to walk the ground and produce an outline with map, within 2 months, for the June Meeting. (Action Gordon)
• Lodge – Gordon will produce a Lodge maintenance / repair schedule – Timescale for this to follow, as contractor’s estimates will be required.
• Honesty Shop – Work to start shortly. Need to get it painted, cleared out and a name for it, and get fridge, freezer and stock. The costs are all in the Budget.
• Ledbeg House – Decision required on rental levels and the need to balance these with existing neighbouring rents. Local rents vary greatly with some as high as £50 an acre. Ongoing.
• Social Media – Need to have structured management of communication. Item for next Board meeting.
• LES grant – Confirmation from LES has been received that a development grant for another hydro scheme will be available. Gordon will check that this grant offer does not adversely affect AF’s state aid position.
6. Business Plan
The Business plan is complete, with only a couple of formatting adjustments to be made. Ready to be put on the website. The two main concerns of the plan are:
1. Challenge Event – Suggestion of getting a consultant for guidance. Stewart suggested that we invite other community charities such as Culag Woods and Assynt Leisure. Suggestion of a system for recording the volunteer’s hours. (Action Vanessa and Gordon)
2. Housing plot for sale near the Drumrunie grazing lease area. Sale planned for the 3rd year of the 5 year plan. Gordon to initiate discussions with Planners. (Action Gordon) [Planners have since confirmed they would not support this site. A site on Drumrunie just within the Special Area of Conservation but very close to existing built development is to be considered instead. AP]
Artist in Residence project – no match funding in place. In order for it to go ahead in year one Nigel asked if the foundation would agree to provide the match funding to an estimated level of £700. Agreed.
Next Meeting Thursday 19th May