Board Meetings

Board meeting 11th July 07

Minute of meeting of Assynt Foundation held at Torbreck House on Wednesday 11th July 2007 at 7.30pm

Present: Claire Belshaw (Chair), Robbie Mackenzie, Don Campbell, Agnes Dickson, Marianne Hutchison, Claire Ford, Davy Robb, Peter Hardwick.

In attendance: Bill Ritchie (Assynt.Biz chair), Mark Lazzeri (Development Manager), Adam Pellant (Project/Marketing Officer). Graham Perrie.

1. Apologies: None.

2. Minute of meeting 14th June 2007 Proposed Davy Robb; seconded Claire Ford.

3. Matters arising
3.1 Biking: Duncan is applying for lottery funding. A meeting was held in Lochinver with much interest being expressed in joining the club.
3.2 Affordable housing: The draft tender brief for the full feasibility study for housing in Glen Canisp was submitted to AF by Ronnie Macrae. AF requested the removal of a reference to a specific housing mix. After discussion with others, Ronnie resubmitted the tender brief to us with different wording, still with reference to an envisaged mix of tenures. The issue is still in discussion among housing subgroup.
3.3 Ledbeg: Survey needs doing. Agreed we approach Assynt Community Council requesting at least £500 towards cost of survey.
3.4 Renewables: AF open day and ACC public meeting were held on 3rd July. Assynt Foundation issued a statement saying that the Glencanisp wind turbine proposals (resulting from the original study of renewable energy options looking only at Assynt Foundation estate) were now in the ‘deep freeze’. An Assynt-wide study will now be undertaken, to investigate options for a community-owned renewable energy project in Assynt for the benefit of the whole community, including securing funding for AF into the future. If no suitable alternatives are found elsewhere in Assynt (including off-shore), then the original Glencanisp proposal will only be re-visited after a full community debate and ballot.
A meeting with the chair of ACC is to be arranged soon. Agreed that no final decisions will be made in this meeting concerning the group that will lead the Assynt-wide investigations.
3.5 Lodge bid: Business plan has just been submitted to GCA. Thanks to Davy and Mark.
3.6 Newsletter: Printed and circulated.

Meeting closed 8.00pm

Meeting followed by a presentation concerning communications, by Graham Perrie.