Board Meetings

Board Meeting 13 September 07

Minute of meeting of Assynt Foundation held at Glencanisp office on Wednesday 13th September 2007 at 7.00pm

Present: Claire Belshaw (Chair), Robbie Mackenzie, Patricia Robertson, Don Campbell, Davy Robb.

In attendance: Bill Ritchie (Assynt.Biz chair), Mark Lazzeri (Development Manager), Adam Pellant (Project/Marketing Officer), Dorothy Callus, Alasdair MacKay, James Dunnett, Ed von Gohren.

1. Apologies: Ted Matheson, Peter Hardwick, Patricia Filmer-Sankey, Claire Ford, Marianne Hutchison , Agnes Dickson.

2. Minute of meeting 15th August 2007: Proposed Davy Robb; seconded Don Cambell.

3. Matters arising
3.1 Elphin School. We have been in touch with Highland Council, who have requested various information, towards the process of lifting the burden upon use of the building as an educational facility. Action: Adam to progress.
3.2 20:20 Summer School: Claire Ford is to attend.
3.3 James Dunnett has been appointed as a trainee stalker, alongside Alasdair MacKay. A warm welcome to James.

4.0 Development Manager’s report
Items to add to report:
4.1 Housing: The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust have been holding housing surgeries today. People who have been unable to attend today are strongly encouraged to phone or email with their views.
A housing sub-group meeting is to be called soon.
4.2 Stalking / Venison: A general licence is now in place allowing movement of carcases off the estate to resume.
4.3 Vehicle policy: The Board agreed the Vehicle Use Policy and agreed to add that if DM is unavailable, permissions can be sought from PO or Robbie.
4.4 HICEC conference on 15-17 October, at Sabhal Mor Ostaig on Skye.
4.5 Communications: The broadband router stopped working outside of its warranty. A replacement is ordered from a new provider. New email addresses independent of broadband provider will be set up at some point in the future.

5.0 Project Officer’s Report
Items to add to report:
5.1 Lodge redevelopment: A second potential woodchip boiler installer has visited. Estimates are expected next week. We have been informed by HICEC that an installer doesn’t have to be on the accredited installers list in order for HICEC to fund their work for us.
5.2 Equipment: Rotary iron is now ordered for housekeeping.
5.3 Newsletter: Draft for next newsletter to be prepared by end of September, aiming to be circulated mid-October. To include in newsletter: notice of forthcoming AGM.
5.4 Noticeboard: A reasonable size outdoor quality weatherproof noticeboard could be acquired for under £200. Alternatively one could be made locally. Action: Adam to progress.

6.0 Estate Plan
Mandy Haggith and Bill Ritchie have agreed to produce the new Estate Management Plan. A first draft of the plan is prepared.
Board comments have been requested before 17th September on first draft. Agreed to circulate the draft among the community and to relevant bodies. It will be placed in the HC Service Point , with notices in the village of where it can be read. Comments to be in by 30th September to allow completion by 8th October. Discussion with SNH will be between 19th and 30th September. Suggested that a statement of current socio-economic situation in Assynt could be commissioned. Action: Don to get various socio-economic information.
Photographs will be needed.
Process and timescale agreed, including the pro-active collaborative style of management process, without rigid five year plans etc.
A project management chart will be produced, as an on-going document. This could be posted on the website.

7.0 Finance
Mark has produced profit and loss accounts and income and expenditure sheets.
Action: Mark to split members and associate members income.
Action: Alter Assynt.Biz invoice format to clarify payments are to Assynt.Biz, to reduce the number of cross-postings.
Action: Alter so that movement between current account and high interest account does not show up as income and expenditure.

8.0 AOCB
8.1 It is noted that at the October board meeting, preparations should be made towards the forthcoming AGM in December.
8.2 A possible Sport For All bid (Big Lottery Fund) is being considered, for boats for community and social use. This would be 6 ‘Taz’ sailing dinghies, and the required safety gear and equipment, to extend the watersports available beyond the current kayaks. The bid may also include a trailer and a boat-house. Action: Don to progress.
8.3 Due to moving away from Assynt soon, Peter Hardwick regrettably is to resign as a director. Peter has worked tirelessly as chair of the housing sub-group. His resignation will leave this post empty. Given the great importance of this subgroup, we should seek a willing person to take over as its chair as soon as possible. Two spaces will now be available for new directors on the board. It is suggested that anyone in the community wishing to have a trial run could be co-opted as a director in advance of elections at the AGM.
8.4 Application form for match funding towards the Glencanisp Lodge redevelopment project approved by the board. Action: Adam to send.

Meeting closed 8.40pm