Board Meetings

Board Meeting 24th January 2008


24th January, 2008

Present:- Claire Belshaw (Acting Chair),Marianne Hutchison, Stephen Smith, Robbie MacKenzie, Don Campbell, Davy Robb, Patricia Robertson

Attending:-Mark Lazzeri, Adam Pellant

Apologies:-Claire Ford

The business of this meeting was to elect office-bearers and to organise sub-groups.

Chair - Don Campbell (Proposed by Claire Belshaw. Seconded by Davy Robb)

Co-opted Directors - Tony Usher (Proposed Robbie MacKenzie. Seconded Claire Belshaw)
- Colin MacDonald (Proposed Don Campbell. Seconded Davy Robb)

Two places remain free for co-opting people onto the Board at a future stage when we are needing certain skills to deal with particular items.

Vice Chairs - Robbie MacKenzie (Proposed Davy Robb. Seconded Patricia Robertson)
- Patricia Robertson (Proposed Claire Belshaw. Seconded Marianne Hutchison)

Treasurer - Tony Usher (Proposed Don Campbell. Seconded Claire Belshaw)

Minute Secretary - Patricia Robertson (Proposed Davy Robb. Seconded Marianne Hutchison)


Sub Groups

It was decided that all sub groups will have at least two directors on them along with anyone else who has a particular interest or knowledge.

Lodge - Colin and Davy

Lodge Redevelopment - Davy and Colin

Renewables - Don and Davy

Housing - Patricia and Claire F.

Arts - [one to be decided] and Patricia

Stalking - Robbie and Stephen

Communications - Don and Mark

Land - Claire B. and Robbie

Youth - Claire F. and Don

Fishing - Davy and Stephen

Outdoor Pursuits (other than Field Sports) - Don and Claire F.

Any one who is interested in joining any of these groups, or who feels that some other group needs to be formed, can contact one of the directors named above or Mark or Adam at the Glencanisp Office.

Minutes of Public Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation
Thursday 24th January, 2008
Meeting started at 20:10

Those present as for Private Meeting and Colin Macdonald who arrived after the start of the public meeting.

Minutes of November, 2007 Proposed Claire B. Seconded Davy R.
Matters Arising
Sport for all__application ready to go.
Landfill Grant__agreed £1100 matched funding to be taken from our regular JMT grant.
Woodcock__to be discussed next month when more time available.
Estate Plan__ nearly at final draft
HICEC Application__agreed NOT to pay someone to help complete form
Notice Boards__Claire B. To find out where Free Church got theirs

Financial Update__Mark spoke to Financial Report as to end December as published. Reasonably healthy but lean times ahead.
Decision needed on stalkers - whether or not we can keep them on – and then where we can pay them from. Money for their wages needs to be ring fenced.
Mark and Tony and Sharon to work on new form of recording accounts.
Project Officer - we do not know where money is coming from for PO’s wages for the next few months, leaving him in a difficult (to say the least) position. Agreed to pay his salary until end of February, for now. Proposed Patricia R. Seconded Marianne H.

Development Manager’s Report

Don volunteered to look into policy for responsibility and code of practice for directors and have something ready before next meeting.

Agreed to amend current banking protocols with RBS to reflect change in directors and officers.

Timber Clearing Behind Lodge - no other interest after adverts. The local person who made request has produced more detailed maps, etc. and was given the go-ahead after email to directors. Some work already done.

Housing - paper in support of Glencanisp Road development sent in for Draft Local Plan.

Inveruplan - proposal sent in to HC to have it included in Draft Local Plan for development and housing.
Inveruplan - Looking for funding. One potential loan provider is keen to help but not sure if they can. Another is also keen to help but does not want to commit to the whole thing.
The two people contracted to produce Inveruplan feasibility study have started looking at proposals. A surveyor is doing survey and looking into electricity feed situation. Funding for survey and Feasibility Study are in place.

Landfill Tax Grant (£10,000 grant for pigs, etc. South side Loch Assynt) - Mick(JMT) to put this in. £1100 matched funding to be released from JMT grant. SEERAD form to be filled in by Mark.

Regular money needs to be set aside for machinery renewal and repairs from stalking profits. Agreed.

Hind cull-well under way. Drumrunie 61 hinds/19 calves from expected 75 hinds/25 calves. Glencanisp 31 hinds/5 calves. Far more to be culled here but has been problematic as beasts not on ground according to stalkers.

Lodge Handyman-to be readvertised.

Walled garden-Christian Goskirk to bring over Ellie Wolf to discuss the part-use of the walled garden by all-abilities groups through the Health and Happiness programme.

Signatories for cheques - new additions needed. To be sorted out by Sharon.

Sheep at Ledbeg (25)- to establish whom they belong to. Stephen S. to investigate.

Project Officers Report
GCA Matched Funding - some is still being looked for.
Other items discussed elsewhere.

Inveruplan - Letter to Community Council to inform them of progress and plans is needed urgently-Patricia
Risk Assessment - if HC does not go ahead with new care centre or other plans cannot go ahead what will be the possible outcome? Mark to do and circulate for agreement.

Any Other Business
a)Elphin School - Awaiting response from Scottish Government.
b)Minutes of 2006 AGM agreed. Proposed Don. Seconded Davy.
c)Carlo Beuger (Nadair Trust) has contacted Chris Cook of the Nordic Enterprise Trust. Wants to have meeting soon. Adam and Patricia to sort this out and find out more about it all before we go ahead with a meeting.
d)Estate Plan Meeting - Village Hall on 13th February. TIME?
e) - Maureen Scott willing to join board and also to mediate with Dorothea if or when necessary.
f)Newsletter - needed for end February.

Next meeting __14th February, 2008 at 7.00pm.
PLEASE NOTE, THIS HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED TO 21st February at 7.00pm. **