Board Meetings

Board Meeting 14 August 2008

Minute of meeting of directors of Assynt Foundation held at Glencanisp on Thursday 14th August 2008 at 7.00pm.

Present Don Campbell (Chair), Tony Usher, Claire Belshaw, Robbie Mackenzie, Colin Macdonald, Fergus Stewart, Davy Robb.

In Attendance: Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO), Bill Ritchie (up to item 4only), Helen Steven, Ellen Moxley, Nigel Sibbet (2nd part).

1 Apologies Patricia Robertson, Stephen Smith

2 Minute of 12th June 08 Proposed by Fergus, seconded by Tony

3 Matters arising
Walled garden – Funds are in place, meeting of subgroup Monday 18th August 5.30
Notice boards – one will be ordered tomorrow Action AP
Horse box – one offer from local advert, more advertising to be done Action ML
Kayaks – Insurance co happy with hiring out. AF to do reasonable checks & confirm that customers are aware of risks. Discussion on prices.

4 Ledmore Forest
Mark and Bill reported on a recent meeting with FCS and those interested from Assynt community. 1000ha is being disposed of because of distance from conurbation and low value of the timber. >300ha is planted (1980s). CCWT and others appear to be happy that AF progresses the purchase (subject to board agreement) and keep the community informed. We would need to prove community benefit in order to be successful as well as raise sufficient funds – around £1M approx.
Board agreed to progress this. Approx timescale - consultation and feasibility study over the first year and then apply and have 1.5 yrs to raise funds.

5 Redevelopment Project
Funds are now in place (£1.5M) !
All tendering documentation to be checked. Action DR AP TU
If ERDF happy with robustness of original tenders then we can proceed and appoint our preferred architect. AF to meet soon and prioritise all project works before meeting with architect. Action ML
Discussion on how to split the tenders – possibly outside works and internals to be separate. The successful main contractors would then find their own subcontractors.
Log construction course
This course is over subscribed so names will go into a hat after agreed criteria applied.

6 Development Manager’s report
i. agreed in principal to additional area for trials bikes on east side of Glencanisp Estate subject to deer stalking and habitat protection.
iv HIE have offered £4000 for project instigation, agreed we wish to employ our preferred consultant.
vi Insurance for directors and staff – more info needed.
vii Bushcraft course – Agreed not to have this due to costs.
viii Open day raffle has been drawn.
ix SCARF – agreed to continue this if it could be used for community consultation over Ledmore Forest, if not then not to proceed with it.

7 Project Officer’s report - already covered all of this above

8 Trials bikes – already covered above

9 Newsletter – Patricia F-S will produce this, Claire to coordinate content. Action CB

10 Finance – Tony produced latest budget figures. We are within the budget.

AOCB – strimmer course to be investigated Action ML

Next meeting Thursday 11 September 2008 in the office at 7.00pm.