Board Meetings

Board Meeting 9 October 08

Minute of meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the office at Glencanisp on Thursday 9th October 2008 at 7.00pm

Present Patricia Robertson (Acting Chair), Robbie Mackenzie, Davy Robb, Stephen Smith, Claire Belshaw.

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (Development Officer), Adam Pellant (Project Officer), Alec Dickson

1. Apologies Don Campbell, Tony Usher, Fergus Stewart

2. Minute of 11 September 08 Proposed Stephen, Seconded Davy.

3. Matters Arising
Notice Board – Up on Inver Park Stores wall thanks to Davy and Jurgen
Ledmore – Mark to meet Issie Macphail our SCARF (Scottish Community Action Research Fund) mentor tomorrow to discuss using this fund for community consultation over the use of Ledmore Forest
Trial Bikes – ongoing, Robbie to take photos of the area Action RM
Logs – weeks course at end Oct/early Nov. Will use 10 trees of rough timber. (This week has now been postponed – AP 21/11/08)
Vehicle use for stalking – Claire to arrange a meeting with those involved Action CB
Garden – pigs away next week
HIE – waiting for a response
Newsletter – draft ready to print next week Action BG/CB
Kennels – ongoing

4. DM Report

Mark had presented 2 papers at the Development Trust Association Scotland conference on Community Right to Buy which had been well received raising our profile in Scotland. AF received a donation of £200.
AF and others in Assynt had met with JMT on 25th Sept, this was pre the JMT conference at end of October re the Climate Challenge Fund.
Mark will attend a Train a Trainer course run by CWA so that we can earn income by running courses here.
FCS/Macualay Institute will be here 23Oct to discuss research on Deer Performance Indicators which will give us better info on health of the deer.
DCS are using WSDMG to investigate differences in deer management on different estates. AF will take part in this.
Paintballing – there has been none taking place. ACCYP are having an independent inquiry.

5. PO Report
Discussion with Charity Bank re a long term loan for Lodge Project Action ML
AF will approach HC to act as an agent for the Lodge Project. Action AP
Design Team – agreed to appoint Matheson Mackenzie Ross. Robbie to arrange a day for them to come over soon. Action RM
Cover for Adam – agreed Brenda Gibson cover Adam’s leave. 3 x 4hr days.

6. Newsletter – covered above

7. Finance –Budget summary presented

8. AOCB – none

Next meeting – Thursday 13th November.