Board Meetings

Board Meeting November 2008

Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held at Glencanisp on Thursday 20th November 2008

Present Don Campbell (Chair), Patricia Robertson, Robbie Mackenzie, Tony Usher, Stephen Smith, Claire Belshaw.

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO)

1. Apologies Colin MacDonald, Fergus Stewart

2. Minute of 9th October 2008 Proposed Pat, seconded Robbie

3. Matters arising
Ledmore – we had met with Issie the SCARF mentor and the research into public consultation is now underway. SCARF funding transferred back from ACC.
Trial Bikes – photos had been taken, Mark to speak to Duncan. Action Mark
Vehicle use for stalking- ongoing Action Claire
Garden – draft lease is ready for discussion, 750 sq m black plastic needed. Have had an offer of a large polytunnel frame for nothing, need to uplift. Mark to check it out first
HIE- met with Anne Sutherland and Neil Gerrard. This was not as encouraging as originally thought although Anne and Neil will discuss the admin post (%funding) further. HIE still keen to support other aims on our wish list.
Newsletter- done
Kennels – now not going to happen (may be refurbished after lodge redevelopment complete).
Paintballing – ongoing enquiry by H&S

4. Project Officer’s report
Design team – met with architects on 12 November. Tony, being the lead contact, went through a list of questions from the architects to take to the next meeting on Monday 24th Nov. A new programme of works was agreed with construction happening from end of May 09 – end Nov 09.
Boiler House – originally to be log built as part of the training programme but now to be block and timber and to come under main contractor. Log studio and training course to be tendered separately by AF. Action Adam.
Loans – we are looking at a commercial loan as a long term loan instead of the two short term interest free loans which have to start being paid back straight away.
Housing - Highland Council have confirmed the funding for the Feasibility Study. Agreed we must see a draft before it goes out to tender.

5 Development Manager’s report
Mark attended a “train a trainer” course (and passed). This means that AF can run training courses here.
JMT Climate Challenge Fund conference – Possible funding for micro-renewables feasibility studies. Project proposals to be submitted by 9Feb 09.
VAT seminar – currently getting advice re our VAT situation.
Stalking agent Diana – went bankrupt at end of October. AF waiting to hear from the receiver.
SNH – Mark had met with SNH to discuss deer management costs.
SRDP – Simon Allison from Crofters’ Commission had been to explain its relevance to AF
Scottish Water- work has started at the hatchery. AF will receive a rental for UCB works area.
Mountain Bothy Association – Roger Muhl and Jim Ross had been to survey Tubeg House. MBA board had agreed to the principal of shared accommodation ie MBA has part of it and AF the other part (probably the bigger part). MBA will produce a ground plan and an assumption of essential costs. Looking at 2010 for works to happen subject to agreements and funding.

Draft accounts will be ready at end of this month. Provisional date for AGM is 14th January09.

7. Finance
Tony presented the budget summary. We are currently within budget.

Assynt Gun Club – requested 2 hinds for their Christmas dinner prizes. Agreed Action Robbie
Lodge Tariff – agreed that should set the rates and they should be adhered to rigidly.

Next meeting Thursday 11 December.
Meeting ended at 10.00.