Board Meetings

Board Meeting 11 December 2008

Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held at Glencanisp on Thursday 11th December 2008 at 7.00pm

Present Don Campbell (Chair), Patricia Robertson, Robbie Mackenzie, Davy Robb, Claire Belshaw.

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO), Helen Steven, Ellen Moxley

1 Apologies Stephen Smith, Tony Usher, Colin Macdonald

2 Minute of 13th November 09 Proposed Patricia, Seconded Robbie

3 Matters arising

Vehicle use for stalking – this will be revisited before the start of next stalking season
HIE – meeting in mid January
Scottish Water – AF to write to Badnaban Common Grazings informing them of UCB use of land Action Mark.
Paintballing – H&S to investigate after New Year.

4 Redevelopment Project
The plans from the new architects were discussed. A woodburning stove will be considered for the new dining room. Agreed 2 steps at foot of fire escape instead of ramp. Pendant lights throughout. No lowering of ceilings unnecessarily (only for services). Check if all downstairs ceilings need doubled for fire protection. Action Mark. Keep all sinks in bedrooms although two will need to be replaced. Keep fireplace in room 8. Still getting prices for equipment such as laundry machines. Range cooker for new kitchen – Esse to be considered CB & PR to visit a working Esse in the north. Action Claire & Patricia
Timber survey – agreed to do this now

5 Development Manager’s Report
SNH will now pay the annual management agreement money.
FCS claim has been sent in for Garbh Uidhe SFGS
CLU/HIE – Neil Gerrard will visit early January to process the claim for DM salary
Ledmore – meeting the planners on Friday 19th. Plain envelopes for mail out. should transfer funds to AF
Advert in new local map. Agreed not to do this.

6 Project Officer’s Report
Bat Survey of lodge – to be done winter spring and autumn by Andy & Roz Summers.
Highland Council – re being agent for lodge cashflow. AF to approach local councillors to encourage HC to help us. Action ML & AP
Long term loan – still waiting for HIE to agree security rankings Action AP
Claims to be made for lodge manager and Project Officer salary through lodge project.
Log build studio to have windows.

7 AGM – 14th January 2009

8 Finance- Treasurer absent

A meeting of directors was held on 24 November 08 to discuss stalking matters.
New bank account for Lodge project – all directors have to sign the form.