Board Meetings

AF Board Meeting 12 February 2009

Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation
Held at Lochinver Highland Council board room 7.00pm, Wednesday 12th February 2009
Present: Don Campbell, Patricia Robertson, Tony Usher, Fergus Stewart, Alastair MacAskill, Davy Robb.
Attending: Mark Lazzeri (Development Manager), Adam Pellant (Project Officer), Dorothea Standlick (until item 7), Ellen Moxley, Alex Dickson
Apologies: Stephen Smith, Claire Belshaw, Robbie MacKenzie.

1. Resolution to re-coopt Tony Usher. Proposed Patricia, seconded Davy. All agreed.
2. Positions of Office. [Don Campbell steps down as acting chair of the meeting and Patricia Robertson chairs for 2.1.]
2.1 Nomination of Don Campbell to be chairman. Proposed Alastair, seconded Fergus. No other nominations. All approve. [Don Campbell chairs meeting from 2.2 onwards.]
2.2 Nomination of Tony Usher to be treasurer. Proposed Don, seconded Fergus.
2.3 Nomination of Patricia Robertson as vice-chair. Proposed Davy, seconded Tony.
Agreed Robbie Mackenzie be asked to stand as second vice-chair, at next meeting.
3. Minutes of 11th December 2008. Proposed Patricia, seconded Davy.
4. Matters arising.
4.1 Badnaban common grazing committee still to be contacted. Action: Mark.
4.2 Paintball: AF have not been directly involved in the Health and Safety investigation, but will receive a copy of the report when it is produced.
4.3 Transaction from Assynt.Biz to AF was made.
5. It was noted that a meeting was held after the AGM on 14th January with directors, HIE/BLF representative Neil Gerrard and AF company secretary Douglas Graham of Macleod and MacCallum, where directors agreed for company secretary to be authorised to sign the BLF undertaking document and other such necessary documents, subject to prior approval in each case by the directors.
6. O4O Conference. AF have been invited to tender for the hosting of the O4O conference in September 2010. Agreed to investigate this further. Action: Pat/Dorothea, to send information to Assynt Tourism Group to pass to ATG members.
7. Redevelopment Project:
7.1 We need to reapply for planning permission, due to changes made to plans, in particular the angle of the enclosed fire escape, and the relocation of wood chip storage building and car parking. This would delay us if it takes longer than the standard 2 months.
7.2 Bat survey: has been done. Thanks to Andy and Roz Summers. We will communicate with SNH about their requirements. It is thought that the lodge is used only as a maternity roost. As such certain parts of work would have to avoid June/July.
7.3 Timber survey: has been done. Thanks to Ian MacLeod and Hugh Matheson. Woodworm treatment is recommended. (A treatment harmless to bats would be used.) Concrete floor is recommended in still room and current dining room.
7.4 Heating system tendering: The possibility has been raised of tendering heating system installation separately in order to receive invoices for this before the end of March. This would greatly help the budget positions of key funders. The logistics of this were discussed at great length. It was felt that the risks and difficulties of this would be too great for AF.
7.5 Log Construction and training course: Tender returns for log building construction and training provision have been received and examined. It has been decided to postpone a decision on contractor until we have examined the tender returns for the main lodge redevelopment contract, in order to ascertain the level of funding available for the log construction element. As such, the log building construction and training course will now unfortunately be delayed further.
8. Development Manager’s Report:
8.1 Stalking: Thanks to Jamie, our hind cull target has been achieved or else very nearly achieved. It is hoped that a new deer management agreement can be negotiated, to cover a wider area, including some other estates adjacent to Drumrunie.
8.2 Subject to SNH approval, some bog-blocking will take place on Drumrunie, with help from a JMT work party visiting in March.
8.3 Wayleave: Some new telegraph poles to go up near the water treatment works.
8.4 AF representatives have been invited to an informal meeting with SNH representatives on 19th February. This will be attended by Patricia and Mark.
8.5 AF representatives have been invited to Knoydart for an event marking their 10th anniversary of community ownership. Various people interested in attending.
8.6 DM salary: a further claim has now been made for the HIE/BLF grant.
8.7 FCS Woodland Grant Scheme for Garbh Uidhe. Claim has now been resubmitted.
8.8 Ledmore Forest: Consultation exercise, carried out by Assynt Research and Consultancy, is going well, with meetings held in village halls. The board will have to analyse findings/ report when completed.
9. Housing: Draft Feasibility Study brief documents have been circulated to directors.
Discussion of road: Road is being damaged at present due to heavy use during water treatment works construction. Agreed to contact Stuart McClelland regarding the glebe part of the road.
10. Finance: No report this month. Action: to create active budget section for redevelopment income and expenditure.
11. Stalking: We will be reviewing stalking policies on the estate. The board record their thanks to Jamie for all the extra work he has put in.
12. AOCB:
12.1 SCVO: A meeting is to be arranged with SCVO and a local individual regarding a new deal work placement.
12.2 Glasgow School of Art are enthusiastic about involving AF in their Design Innovation MA degree course. Agreed to meet Bill Brown of GSA in May to discuss.
12.3 Register of interests: Agreed to check expiry dates of existing registered interests.
12.4 Walled Garden: Weed suppressant has arrived. Action: To send Jenny Robertson the lease document for the section of walled garden to be offered to her, for comment.
12.5 Five funded support worker posts have been created by Highland Council to, among other duties, support young people disadvantaged in the job market who will be working with AF or making use of the community garden.
Meeting closed 9.30pm.